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Dépendances inversées pour adhearsion Latest version of the following gems require adhearsion

adhearsion-asterisk 1.5.1

An Adhearsion Plugin providing Asterisk-specific dialplan methods, AMI access, and acce...

67 830 Téléchargements

adhearsion-asr 1.5.0

Adds speech recognition support to Adhearsion as a plugin

61 723 Téléchargements

adhearsion_cpa 0.1.1

A plugin for adding cpa to Adhearsion

30 628 Téléchargements

ahn-rails 0.1.0

Stretch rails beyond the browser, easily

25 302 Téléchargements

adhearsion-xmpp 1.1.0

This gem provides the XMPP plugin to Adhearsion, allowing your Adhearsion application t...

23 002 Téléchargements

whats-up-adhearsion 0.1.9

Allows you to get information about Adhearsions status via rest calls

22 318 Téléchargements

adhearsion-i18n 1.1.0

This provides helpers that manage internationalized audio prompts, both file-based and ...

17 759 Téléchargements

adhearsion-drb 1.1.1

This gem is an Adhearsion plugin that handles the Drb related stuff

17 535 Téléchargements

adhearsion-reporter 2.3.1

Report Adhearsion application exceptions and deployments to: Airbrake / Errbit Email N...

16 871 Téléchargements

virginia 0.5.2

Gives an Adhearsion app the ability to be controlled and interact over HTTP

14 457 Téléchargements

matrioska 0.3.0

Adhearsion plugin for in-call apps. Provides a features-style interface to run applicat...

13 938 Téléchargements

ahn_hoptoad 1.0.1

Send Adhearsion application exceptions to Hoptoad

12 274 Téléchargements

electric_slide 0.5.0

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) for Adhearsion. Currently implements only Round Robin ...

10 871 Téléchargements

voicemail 1.1.1

A simple, extensible voicemail implementation

10 393 Téléchargements

adhearsion-rails 1.0.0

This gem is an Adhearsion plugin that handles the Rails related stuff

10 122 Téléchargements

adhearsion-mongoid 0.2.1

This gem provides an Adhearsion plugin to handle the Mongoid and database integration

9 478 Téléchargements

adhearsion-activerecord 0.2.0

This gem provides an Adhearsion plugin to handle the ActiveRecord and database integration

9 414 Téléchargements

ahn-restful-rpc 0.1.1

Allows remote procedure calls over an HTTP API integrated in Adhearsion

8 830 Téléchargements

adhearsion-ims 0.0.2

Provides convenience methods when using Adhearsion with Rayo for IP Multimedia Subsyste...

8 627 Téléchargements

adhearsion-stats 0.0.3

Adhearsion plugin for stats. Reports via statsd.

8 599 Téléchargements

sequella 1.1.1

This gem provides a plugin for Adhearsion, allowing you to create and use Sequel ORM-ba...

8 531 Téléchargements

lemondrop 0.1.2

This gem provides a plugin for Adhearsion, allowing you to create and use Redis as a qu...

7 982 Téléchargements

adhearsion-xmpp-api 0.0.1

Control calls in real time via XMPP Ad-Hoc Commands and PubSub

5 715 Téléchargements

adhearsion-ivr 0.2.0

This provides a consistent way of implementing Interactive Voice Response prompts, incl...

5 410 Téléchargements

adhearsion-ldap 0.1.0

An Adhearsion Plugin providing LDAP configurability

5 242 Téléchargements

adhearsion_sequel 0.0.1

Provides database connection for Adhearsion using Sequel

4 769 Téléchargements

ahnsay 0.0.1

This plugin provides a simple controller method for file-based TTS of times, dates and ...

4 531 Téléchargements

adhearsion_sinatra 0.0.1

Sinatra Integration

3 619 Téléchargements

voipms_rates 1.0.1

An Adhearsion plugin using the public API to fetch premium or value rates per m...

3 496 Téléchargements

ringflux 0.0.1

This gem provides a plugin for Adhearsion, allowing you to publish metrics to InfluxDB

1 218 Téléchargements

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Version de Ruby requise: >= 1.9.3