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Dependencias inversas para ammeter 1.1.4

socialite 0.2.1

Rails engine supporting multiple auth providers per user.

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metaa 0.1.2

Metaa adds meta tags to your Rails application with ease.

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salesforce_ar_sync 2.0.2

ActiveRecord extension & rails engine for syncing data with

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honor 2.0.1

Adds common gamification features such as points, leaderboards, and achievements to a R...

14.443 Descargas

openehr-rails 0.2.2

This product is a Rails extansion for openEHR

13.279 Descargas

roles 0.2.1

An extremely simple roles library inspired by rolify

13.206 Descargas

start 0.1.1

Start is a collection of Rails generators for faster project setup.

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under_construction 0.2.2

A rails GEM to automaticaly moderate under construction pages with ...

11.858 Descargas

admin-panel 0.1.5

Generates Twitter Bootstrap based admin panel with scaffolder. Project is quite opinion...

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bborn-acts-as-taggable-on 2.2.1

With ActsAsTaggableOn, you can tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, ...

10.454 Descargas

crowdint_acts-as-taggable-on 2.3.5

With ActsAsTaggableOn, you can tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, ...

10.392 Descargas

talkable 1.0.6

Talkable Ruby Gem to make your own referral program in Sinatra or Rails application

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oneshot_task_generator 0.1.3

Generator for oneshot rake task

8.485 Descargas

everett 0.3.0

Everett is a substitute for Active Record Observer on Rails 5.

8.037 Descargas

bootstrap3_form_builder 1.0.5

Custom form builder to create forms and inputs that work with Bootstrap 3. Also automat...

7.645 Descargas

strong_presenter 0.2.2

strong_presenter adds a layer of presentation logic to your application, and gives you ...

7.558 Descargas

kawara 0.3.2

Mountable blog engine for Rails application

6.143 Descargas

grape-transformations 0.0.5

grape-transformations your entities from your models and also organizes and lets you us...

6.134 Descargas

attribute_access_controllable 1.1.3

Allow attribute-level read/write access control, per instance, of any ActiveModel class.

6.076 Descargas

waitlist 1.1.2

Pre-launch email waiting list

5.222 Descargas

dummy_gen-rails 0.0.5

Generator for creating a dummy application for use in Rails 3 engine development.

4.564 Descargas

omikronn-ripple 0.3

ripple is an object-mapper library for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It use...

4.088 Descargas

versioner 0.2.0

Easily manage a version number for your Rails app. The version is stored in a YAML file...

3.978 Descargas

methadone-rails 0.1.0

Generate bin commands for your rails app using Methadone

3.943 Descargas

global_roles 0.0.4

Simple gem to provide global roles for ActiveRecord models without using of another models

3.906 Descargas

ticket_punch 0.1.0

Manage the version of your rails application

3.681 Descargas

appmospheres_audit 0.1.2

A gem for tracking record changes and controller actions

3.540 Descargas

rakuten_web_service-rails 0.6.0

This gem provides an initializer to load configurations of 'rakuten_web_service' with y...

3.293 Descargas

devise-multi-radius-authenticatable 0.2.0

A new authentication strategy named radius_authenticatable is added to the list of ward...

3.218 Descargas

cache_cow 0.0.1

CacheCow provides an api for caching results of methods and associations on ActiveRecor...

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