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ammeter 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require ammeter

acts_as_taggable_on 3.0.0.rc2

With ActsAsTaggableOn, you can tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, ...

21,377 下载

acts-as-taggable-hstore 0.0.3

With ActsAsTaggableHstore, you can tag a single model that uses postgres hstore type

20,965 下载

talkable 1.0.6

Talkable Ruby Gem to make your own referral program in Sinatra or Rails application

20,026 下载

active_admin_environment 1.0.0

Change ActiveAdmin page style by environment

19,083 下载

seymour 0.0.9

Activity feed distribution for Rails applications

17,966 下载

acts_as_friendable 1.0.1

ActsAsFriendable provides a Friendship model, relevent scopes, and many instance method...

17,446 下载

metaa 0.1.2

Metaa adds meta tags to your Rails application with ease.

17,274 下载

sharing_tags 0.0.18

Describe your sharing information for different contexts in one simple configuration file.

16,921 下载

devise-radius-authenticatable 0.0.6

A new authentication strategy named radius_authenticatable is added to the list of ward...

16,703 下载

socialite 0.2.1

Rails engine supporting multiple auth providers per user.

16,321 下载

honor 2.0.1

Adds common gamification features such as points, leaderboards, and achievements to a R...

15,117 下载

openehr-rails 0.2.2

This product is a Rails extansion for openEHR

13,816 下载

roles 0.2.1

An extremely simple roles library inspired by rolify

13,659 下载

start 0.1.1

Start is a collection of Rails generators for faster project setup.

13,408 下载

under_construction 0.2.2

A rails GEM to automaticaly moderate under construction pages with ...

12,298 下载

admin-panel 0.1.5

Generates Twitter Bootstrap based admin panel with scaffolder. Project is quite opinion...

11,763 下载

crowdint_acts-as-taggable-on 2.3.5

With ActsAsTaggableOn, you can tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, ...

10,644 下载

bborn-acts-as-taggable-on 2.2.1

With ActsAsTaggableOn, you can tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, ...

10,560 下载

everett 0.3.0

Everett is a substitute for Active Record Observer on Rails 5.

8,713 下载

strong_presenter 0.2.2

strong_presenter adds a layer of presentation logic to your application, and gives you ...

8,142 下载

bootstrap3_form_builder 1.0.5

Custom form builder to create forms and inputs that work with Bootstrap 3. Also automat...

8,095 下载

talkie 0.5.1

A Rails Engine to easily integrate comments to any model. Provides views and helpful ge...

7,177 下载

formtastic_rebootstrap 0.0.2

Formtastic form builder to generate Twitter Bootstrap-friendly markup.

6,946 下载

kawara 0.3.2

Mountable blog engine for Rails application

6,487 下载

grape-transformations 0.0.5

grape-transformations your entities from your models and also organizes and lets you us...

6,430 下载

attribute_access_controllable 1.1.3

Allow attribute-level read/write access control, per instance, of any ActiveModel class.

6,238 下载

waitlist 1.1.2

Pre-launch email waiting list

5,481 下载

dummy_gen-rails 0.0.5

Generator for creating a dummy application for use in Rails 3 engine development.

4,710 下载

clickhouse-rails 0.1.5

A Rails database driver for ClickHouse

4,655 下载

metka 2.0.1

Rails tagging system based on PostgreSQL arrays

4,454 下载

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