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Reverse dependencies for archive-tar-minitar 0.8

debugger-ruby_core_source 1.3.8

Provide Ruby core source files for C extensions that need them.

7,994,346 下載

debase-ruby_core_source 0.10.7

Provide Ruby core source files for C extensions that need them.

4,148,158 下載

ruby_core_source 0.1.5

Retrieve Ruby core source files

3,063,626 下載

rhc 1.38.7

The client tools for the OpenShift platform that allow for application management.

728,802 下載

sprout 0.7.246

Sprout is a modular set of tools that take the tedium and frustration out of creating a...

518,588 下載

relish 0.7.1

Client gem for

197,570 下載

buildr-as3 0.2.19

Build like you code - now supporting ActionScript 3 & Flex

129,721 下載

webgen 1.7.0

webgen is used to generate static websites from templates and content files (which can ...

115,714 下載

ubalo 0.30

CLI and API client for Ubalo

101,453 下載

asproject 0.1.118

AsProject is a templating system for creating new projects and new classes (or files) w...

98,180 下載

bee 0.12.2

Bee is a build tool the way it should bee!

86,189 下載

bcl 0.5.8

This gem contains helper methods for generating the Component XML file needed to upload...

79,412 下載

devstructure 0.5.4

Ruby bindings to the DevStructure API

73,599 下載


Client-side libraries (Capistrano tasks) for managing and deploying to 'EC2 on Rails' s...

54,306 下載

aurb 1.4.1

An AUR (Arch User Repository) utility

53,197 下載

manifest-builder 0.7.5

Repo builder of the software manifest.yml for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deliver...

40,671 下載

gusteau 1.3.0

Chef Solo wrapper and configuration manager

32,809 下載

juice 0.2.2

This is version 0.2.2 of Juice Js Framework Juice is a framework similar to Sproutcore...

31,673 下載

aws-codedeploy-agent 0.1.0

CodeDeploy Agent is responsible for doing the actual work of deploying software on an i...

31,003 下載

the-maestro 0.4.2

Maestro is a cloud provisioning, configuration, and management utility for your Ruby an...

29,838 下載

capsaicin 0.1.11

Spicy capistrano extensions for various needs

29,367 下載

akitaonrails-locarails 1.2.0

A maneira mais simples para instalar aplicacoes Rails na hospedagem Linux da Locaweb.

26,714 下載

capchef 0.0.10

Chef capistrano recipes so you can configure your machines without a server

25,703 下載

ruby-dnn 0.15.0

ruby-dnn is a ruby deep learning library.

25,118 下載

groundwork 1.0.2

Create scripts that describe the groundwork for laying out your projects, and generate ...

23,531 下載

downlow 0.1.4

Downlow provides an easy way to fetch files or archives and extract them with minimal h...

22,124 下載

rubypond-s3backup-manager 0.1.5

A series of scripts and a rack application for backing up databases and filesystems int...

17,701 下載

ruby_core_ri 0.5.1

A gem to make it possible to have the core ri/rdoc (especially useful if your distro di...

16,335 下載

chefrepo-manifest-builder 0.2.4

ChefRepo builder of the software manifest for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deliver...

16,058 下載

shenandoah 0.2.0

A javascript test framework for buildr, rails, and other ruby-built projects

15,694 下載

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這個版本 338,910

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