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Reverse dependencies for asciidoctor 2.0.10

asciinurse 0.1.7

The best Asciidoctor's assistant

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asciidoctor-confluence 0.0.2

Asciidoctor-Confluence allows to parse asciidoc files, transform them into HTML and the...

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adocsite 1.0.5

Very simple static site generator for asciidoc documents.

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asciibuild 0.10.0

Orchestrate and document processes by inlining executable code into an Asciidoc document

7,448 下載

giblish 0.6.1

A tool for publishing asciidoc docs stored in git repos

7,316 下載

liquidoc 0.11.0

LiquiDoc conveniently harnesses the power of Liquid templates, flat-file data formats s...

7,125 下載

rnp 1.0.4

Support rnp's OpenPGP functionality via ruby-ffi. Requires

6,998 下載

middleman-asciidoc 1.0.0

Converts AsciiDoc files in the source directory to HTML pages. Allows page data to be s...

6,675 下載

html-pipeline-asciidoc_filter 1.5.3

An AsciiDoc processing filter for html-pipeline powered by Asciidoctor

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persie 0.0.1.alpha.4

使用 AsciiDoc 编写书籍内容,通过 persie 将其转换成 PDF,ePub 和 Mobi 格式电子书。

6,125 下載

asciidoctor-rfc 0.9.2

asciidoctor-rfc lets you write Internet-Drafts and RFCs in a native "asciidoctor" synta...

5,577 下載

potion 0.0.5

A static site generator that supports code, photos and files.

5,465 下載

vertx-howtos-jekyll-theme 0.4.4

Theme for the Vert.x howtos

4,681 下載

jekyll_aspec 1.0.8

This plugin is a group of Asciidoctor extensions that perform directory walking, ...

4,671 下載

ascii_press 0.5.2

Tools for publishing a set of ASCIIdoc files to WordPress

4,602 下載

asciidoctor-html5ruby 0.0.2

This package provides a macro of the ruby element of html5 for asciidoctor.

4,303 下載

asciidoctor-rsd 0.3.6

asciidoctor-rsd lets you write RSD in AsciiDoc syntax. This gem is in active development.

4,050 下載

asciidoctor-html5s 0.2.0

Semantic HTML5 backend (converter) for Asciidoctor This converter focuses on correct s...

4,048 下載

asciidoctor-csand 0.3.4

asciidoctor-csand lets you write CSA Normal Documents (CSAND) in AsciiDoc syntax. This...

3,278 下載

asciidoctor-interdoc-reftext 0.5.0

Asciidoctor extension providing implicit (automatic) reference text (label) for inter-d...

3,182 下載

asciidoctor-i18n 0.1.4

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

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linkedin2cv 0.0.2

Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a professional resume in many formats (PDF / HTML5 / La...

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asciidoctor-m3d 0.3.6

asciidoctor-m3d lets you write M3AAWG Documents (M3D) in AsciiDoc syntax. This gem is ...

2,918 下載

guard-asciidoctor 0.1.1

asciidoctor guard

2,874 下載

asciidoctor-question 0.5.2

Asciidoctor Question is a set of Asciidoctor extensions that allows you to add question...

2,854 下載

pirka 0.1.4

Pirka highlights source code syntax in EPUB books

2,799 下載

aws-cft-tools 0.1.4

Tools for managing a cloud deployment in AWS with state held in AWS.

2,337 下載

asciidoctor-htmlbook 0.0.3

Asciidoctor HTMLBook is an Asciidoctor backend for converting AsciiDoc documents to HTM...

2,304 下載

asciidoctor-katex 0.3.0

Asciidoctor extension that converts latexmath to HTML using KaTeX at build-time

2,300 下載

asciidoctor-bespoke 1.0.0.alpha.1

An Asciidoctor converter that generates the HTML component of a Bespoke.js presentation...

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