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axlsx 的反向依赖 2.0.1

axlsx_rails 0.5.2

Axlsx_Rails provides an Axlsx renderer so you can move all your spreadsheet code from y...

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i18n-tasks 0.9.29

i18n-tasks helps you find and manage missing and unused translations. It analyses code...

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axlsx_styler 0.2.0

Axlsx gem is an excellent tool to build Excel worksheets. The sheets are created ro...

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acts_as_xlsx 1.0.6

acts_as_xlsx lets you turn any ActiveRecord::Base inheriting class into an excel spread...

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dorsale 3.11.0

Run your own business.

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marty 2.9.1

Marty is a framework for viewing and reporting on versioned data.

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spreadsheet_architect 3.2.1

Spreadsheet Architect is a library that allows you to create XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsh...

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to_spreadsheet 1.0.6

Render XLSX from Rails using existing views ( .*.html => .xlsx )

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activeadmin-axlsx 2.1.2

This gem uses axlsx to provide excel/xlsx downloads for resources in Active Admin. Ofte...

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datapimp 1.2.11

Your rails app in a custom tailored suit.

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workbook 0.8.1

Workbook contains workbooks, as in a table, contains rows, contains cells, reads/writes...

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githubissues-port 1.6

An Excel import/export extension for github issues in Ruby.

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rubyxls 1.0.5

Generate XLS files using ruby. Rubyxls provides a simple DSL to ...

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lolita-i18n 0.6.0

Lolita plugin, that enables .yml files management from administrative interface. Also f...

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adhoq 1.0.0

Rails engine to generate instant reports from adhoc SQL query.

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arc-furnace 0.1.41

An ETL library for Ruby that performs the basic actions of ETL: extract, transform, and...

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acts_as_xls 1.0.5

Extend Rails capabilities of importing and exporting excel files thanks to Spreadsheet gem

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docparser 0.2.3

DocParser is a Ruby Gem for webscraping

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weeler 1.6.0

CMS for projects.

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tofulcrum 0.0.12

Convert data to Fulcrum

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see_as_vee 0.6.1

Load CSV/XLSX, check it, format it and spit it back to the user with a single command.

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cruj_cruj_cruj 0.0.15

Crud Generator for Redmine

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meta_reports 0.1.3

Meta Reports provides a meta language and data structure to create a 'meta' report. Thi...

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excel_walker 0.1.7

A declarative parser and builder for Excel Files

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usefull_table 1.0.9

Table Helper with Excel export, inline editing and monitoring funxtions

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dumpster 0.3.0

Abstraktions-Layer für Exporte im Tabellenformat

9,798 下载

csv-diff-report 0.4.1

This library generates diff reports of CSV files, using the diff capabilities o...

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excel import study example

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Core functionality for BarkerEST web apps.

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recot 0.2.2

To generate a test result of documents in HTML format automatically

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