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Backlog Welcome to Backlog! Backlog is a tool to help you collect and organize all your tasks, wether you are a single persion or a small or large group. A timekeeping module is also included to track time spent on the different tasks. === Backlog is not meant to be * an issue tracker with customer communication. * an invoicing system. === Integration There are concrete plans to integrate Backlog to a few types of systems: * Issue tracking (Jira, RuyForge, SourceForge, Bugzilla, etc.) * Timekeeping * Invoicing If you have concrete needs, and are willing to beta test the integration, please contact us. === Installation * Install ruby * Install RubyGems * Install PostgreSQL * Install ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick * run <tt>sudo gem install backlog -y</tt> * run <tt>sudo backlog setup_unix</tt> * run <tt>sudo backlog start</tt> === Updates * run <tt>sudo gem update -y</tt> * run <tt>sudo backlog setup_unix</tt> * run <tt>sudo backlog restart</tt> === Configuration You can set configuration parameters for backlog using the /etc/backlog.conf file. The format is YAML. Currently only port number is settable. Example: port: 3000 === Charts The charts in Backlog are made using Gruff ( Gruff uses RMagick ( for image generation. RMagick uses ImageMagic ( or GraphicsMagic ( On some platforms ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick are either not available, or difficult to install. In that case, RMagick will fail to install, causing the Backlog gem to fail to install. To bypass this, you can install the Backlog gem using the –ignore-dependencies flag. Backlog will still work without RMagick, but charts will not be available. ==== Links to charts You can display the charts directly using links like the ones below. The charts are normally not protected, so you can display the in slideshows etc. without having to log in. Examples: ==== Chart thumbnails You can get small versions of the burn down charts by appending "_thumbnail" to the URL. Examples: ==== Large charts You can get large versions (1368x768) of the burn down charts by appending "_large" to the URL. Examples:


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  • gruff >= 0.2.8
  • hoe >= 1.3.0
  • postgres >= 0.7.1
  • rmagick >= 1.15.9
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