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Dependencias inversas para backports 3.15.0

backdrop 0.4.0

Create and host fixture generation based on simple ruby objects for ...

24.815 Descargas

action_tree 0.2.0

ActionTree is a DRY request router. It provides a compact DSL for defining actions and ...

23.885 Descargas

flvedit 0.7.4

flvedit allows you to: * compute metadata for FLV files * merge, split or c...

22.675 Descargas


Pavlov is a opinionated toolbox to help you architect your Ruby project.

20.260 Descargas

compo 0.5.1

Compo provides mixins and classes that assist in implementing a variant of the Comp...

18.680 Descargas


Veritable is the predictive database developed by Prior Knowledge (http://www.priorknow...

17.168 Descargas

ruby_core_ri 0.5.1

A gem to make it possible to have the core ri/rdoc (especially useful if your distro di...

16.318 Descargas

minimapper-extras 0.3.1

Extras for Minimapper.

15.857 Descargas

deep-cover-core 0.7.5

Core functionality for the DeepCover gem.

15.744 Descargas

suture 1.1.2

Provides tools to record calls to legacy code and verify new implementations still work

15.148 Descargas

veritas 0.0.7

Simplifies querying of structured data using relational algebra

14.269 Descargas

spintax_parser 0.2.2

A mixin to parse "spintax", a text format used for automated article generation. Can ha...

12.855 Descargas

marcandre-packable 1.3.2

If you need to do read and write binary data, there is of course <Array::pack and St...

12.415 Descargas

roby 3.0.0

The Roby plan manager is currently developped from within the Robot Construction Kit (h...

12.257 Descargas

doku 1.1.2

Library for solving Sudoku-like puzzles (Sudoku, Hexadoku, etc.) using the Dancing Link...

12.029 Descargas

veritas-sql-generator 0.0.7

Generate SQL from a veritas relation

11.655 Descargas

duct_tape 0.5.1

A general-purpose utility library for Ruby

11.648 Descargas

marcandre-flvedit 0.7.3

flvedit allows you to: * compute metadata for FLV files * merge, split or cut FLVs * in...

10.985 Descargas

rack_warden 0.0.10

A warden/sinatra mini-app providing authentication and user management for any rack-bas...

10.665 Descargas

intuit-oauth 1.0.1

A Ruby wrapper Intuit's OAuth and OpenID implementation.

10.249 Descargas

veritas-optimizer 0.0.7

Optimizes veritas relations

9.840 Descargas

standalone_validator 0.2.3

A library for creating PORO validators that are composable and can be used with Act...

9.693 Descargas

chef-ab 0.2.0

AB test like chef conf deployement

9.592 Descargas

mannequin 0.3.0

Mannequin is a simple test data generator. It was initially designed to abstract code f...

9.500 Descargas

gday 0.0.6

A gem developed as a learning experience.

9.483 Descargas

stickyflag 0.3.3

Set tags and search by them in PDF, MMD, PNG, and other file types

8.592 Descargas

declarative_grid 0.1.1

DeclarativeGrid is a gem for rendering grids described in simple DSL

8.579 Descargas

classy_cas 0.9.3

ClassyCAS provides private, centralized, cross-domain, platform-agnostic centralized au...

8.178 Descargas

adsl 0.1.0

A tool for automatic extraction and verification of Rails formal models. Just include i...

8.154 Descargas

acapela 0.8.1

Ruby interface to Acapela's API for generating speech from text. More info http://www.a...

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