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Reverse dependencies for beanstalk-client Latest version of the following gems require beanstalk-client

iron_mq 6.0.5

Ruby client for IronMQ by

362,976 下載

rservicebus 0.1.77

A Ruby interpretation of NServiceBus

201,782 下載

beanstalker 0.5.12

Beanstalker is a tool for executing long tasks in background in our rails application.

141,974 下載


XapianDb is a ruby gem that combines features of nosql databases and fulltext indexing....

107,136 下載

stalker 0.9.0

A job queueing and background workers system using Beanstalkd. Inspired by the Minion ...

89,242 下載

creeper 2.0.2

Creeper is an evented version of Stalker

41,065 下載

beanstalk-worker 0.1.7

Beanstalkd Worker base class

32,183 下載

hoth 0.4.2

Creating a SOA requires a centralized location to define all services within the SOA. F...

31,180 下載

beanstalk_farmer 0.3.3

Farmer is a nice little kit to manage a Beanstalk job queue

29,157 下載

zack 0.3.4

Ruby RPC calls via Cod

19,770 下載

beanstalk-client-rspec 0.0.9

Provides a fairly complete mock for beanstalk-client by imitating beanstalkd using arra...

19,560 下載

edamame 0.3.2

Edamame combines the Beanstalk priority queue with a Tokyo Tyrant database and God moni...

17,833 下載

rservicebus2 0.2.0

A Ruby interpretation of NServiceBus

16,282 下載

stalking 0.1.3

Asynchronous job processing using the beanstalkd queue server with automatic reconnects...

16,233 下載

kongnomal 0.1.5

Register your custom job event handler that gets notified upon job event triggered from...

16,020 下載

beanworker 0.0.5

It is a worker-side Beanstalk-based job-queueing dispatcher This is a pre-release, I w...

14,657 下載

racoon 1.0.1

A distributed Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) provider developed for hosting mul...

14,389 下載

auxesis-flapjack 0.4.10

Flapjack is highly scalable and distributed monitoring system. It understands the Nagio...

13,397 下載

sensu-plugins-beanstalk 3.0.0

Sensu plugins for beanstalk

12,654 下載

beanqueue 0.1.2

This is a beanstalk-based job-queueing-manager, replacement for gem 'stalker' with addi...

11,922 下載

glebpom-async_observer 0.1.0

async_observer provides deep integration with Beanstalk. Fork from

11,159 下載

peon 0.1.3

Peon is a work queue library for Ruby with an awesome DSL for defining jobs, and it's c...

10,476 下載

servicesnapshot 0.1.2

The fastest way to get a snapshot of your system.

9,669 下載

beanstalkd-stats 0.0.6

A simple beanstalkd gem

8,030 下載

ruote-beanstalk 2.2.0

Beanstalk participant/receiver/storage for ruote (a Ruby workflow engine)

6,930 下載

messed 0.0.2

A framework for short message paradigms

5,983 下載

psyho-stalker 0.7.1

A job queueing and background workers system using Beanstalkd. Inspired by the Minion ...

4,729 下載

beanpicker 0.1.0

DSL for beanstalkd, similar to Stalker/Minion but uses subprocesses

3,814 下載

msg-qworker 0.1.0

This gem provides a queue worker infrastructure for a beanstalk queue. Jobs are defined...

2,754 下載

iron 0.0.1

Ruby client for IronMQ by

2,608 下載

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