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boneidle 0.0.1

# BoneIdle # A Gem for using lazy evaluation in Ruby. BoneIdle provides not only a simple Lazy class (in order to store a call to a proc for later evaluation), but also a Lazy Heap to be used to 'box up' various kinds of values, procs, raises, to then evaluate lazily, with plans to have convenience functions to define normal Ruby methods which call lazy ones, and so on and so forth. This project is not only relatively in its infancy, but is also something of a hobby project. I make no promises about the quality, reliability, or performance of the code. I am writing this simply because it looked like a fun thing to write, and I wanted to. ## WARNINGS ## This is very much alpha code. As yet several important things are missing including: * Any documentation * A test suite * Some sort of garbage collection routine within the lazy heap I cannot stress the last one enough as a reason to under no circumstances use this library for any production work. Anything you put in the lazy heap will live forever while the heap is still alive - as the heap keeps references to it the Ruby garbage collector will never collect it. I have yet to work out a solution to this issue, but I intend to if I can (spare time permitting).


  1. 0.0.1 - April 28, 2011 (7.5 KB)


  • Matthew Gadd



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