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Dependencias inversas para browser Latest version of the following gems require browser

browsernizer 0.2.4

Rack middleware for redirecting unsupported user agents to "please upgrade" page

486.539 Descargas

coalescing_panda 5.1.7

Canvas LTI and OAUTH2 mountable engine

186.527 Descargas

ama_layout 11.5.1 site layouts

172.184 Descargas

field_test 0.4.1

A/B testing for Rails

144.512 Descargas

decidim-core 0.24.3

Adds core features so other engines can hook into the framework.

86.300 Descargas

bigbluebutton_rails 3.0.0

Allows access and use of BigBlueButton from a Ruby on Rails application

65.404 Descargas

panda_pal 5.4.0

LTI mountable engine

63.670 Descargas

enju_seed 0.3.5

Seed module for Next-L Enju

57.867 Descargas

uploadbox 0.2.0

Uploadbox makes easy to manage files in your Rails application.

52.569 Descargas

workarea-core 3.5.26

Provides application code, seed data, plugin infrastructure, and other core parts of th...

46.750 Descargas

curate 0.6.6

A data curation Ruby on Rails engine built on Hydra and Sufia

41.887 Descargas

h2ocube_rails_helper 0.2.1

Just an helper collection

40.262 Descargas


The embodied design system for Network for Good.

37.946 Descargas

utf8_enforcer_workaround 1.2.1

Make utf8_enforcer to be applied only for non-standards-complying browsers.

37.344 Descargas

ungarbled 0.0.11

Ungarble multibyte download filename on certain platform. Rails integration included.

36.151 Descargas

ballot_box 0.1.9

The BallotBox gem enables visitors to vote for and against voteable objects

30.856 Descargas

fae-rails 2.1.0

CMS for Rails. For Reals.

29.715 Descargas

kit_cms 2.3.22

Kit is DSC's Community and Content Management System (CCMS) built as a Rails engine for...

27.685 Descargas

redis_analytics 1.1.0

A gem that provides a Redis based web analytics solution for your rack-compliant apps. ...

27.234 Descargas

thecore_dataentry_commons 2.1.1

This plugin adds some partials to deal with DataWedge WebSocket.

27.165 Descargas

analytics_instrumentation 0.2.3

Add analytics to any app, quickly, robustly, and accurately. Define events and their ...

25.189 Descargas

houston-core 0.9.2

Mission Control for your projects and teams

23.674 Descargas

proxes 0.10.1

Rack wrapper around Elasticsearch to provide security and management features

21.825 Descargas

browser_warrior 0.14.0

BrowserWarrior is a Ruby on Rails engine that let you reject your non-modern browser us...

18.254 Descargas

mobile_version 0.0.7

Render mobile browser versions of your views in Rails with zero-configuration.

11.334 Descargas

ditty 0.10.1

Sinatra Based Application Framework

11.033 Descargas

quby 5.1.0

Quby is a Rails engine that can render and update answers for questionnaires defined in...

10.585 Descargas

outdated_browser 0.3.8

Detecta browser não homologados e emite um alerta para o usuário.

9.724 Descargas

sojourn 0.1.1

Sojourn tracks site visitors and sources, with the ability to recognise multiple source...

6.166 Descargas

rack-caniuse 0.0.3

CanIUse checks if your user's browser supports the technologies your website relies on ...

5.693 Descargas

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