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Reverse dependencies for bubble-wrap Latest version of the following gems require bubble-wrap

motion-prime 1.0.7

RubyMotion apps development framework

90,168 下載

motion_model 0.6.2

Simple model and validation mixins for RubyMotion

52,240 下載

formotion 1.8

Making iOS Forms insanely great with RubyMotion

48,046 下載

motion_yak 0.0.18

RubyMotion wrappers for EmailYak

32,784 下載

motion-plot 0.4.9

Create native iOS charts using simple JSON as you are used-to with Highcharts like JS l...

14,197 下載

motion-resource 0.1.4

Access RESTful resources from your iOS app. Inspired by ActiveResource.

13,305 下載

motion-takeoff 0.0.9

A RubyMotion specific iOS gem for scheduling stuff.

13,169 下載

motion_data_wrapper 0.0.7

Forked from the mattgreen/nitron gem, this provides an intuitive way to query and persi...

11,981 下載

motion_support 0.0.6

A toolkit of support libraries and RubyMotion Core extensions

11,361 下載

motion-loco 0.3.0

Motion-Loco is a library for RubyMotion that includes Ember.js inspired ...

11,287 下載


likes rails model

9,726 下載

rm_vendor 0.3.3

A RubyMotion StoreKit Wrapper that allows you to buy, restore and get product info on y...

8,598 下載

accordion_view 0.0.1

Adding Accordion to your view

8,488 下載

motion_panel 0.1.0

A native Rubymotion wrapper around the Mixpanel API

7,957 下載

motion_model_resource 0.2.0

Simple REST JSON API Wrapper for MotionModel on RubyMotion

7,716 下載

motion-hybrid 0.0.5

RubyMotion framework for easily making hybrid webview-centric iOS apps

7,135 下載

can_i 0.1.2

Provides an easy way to define roles for performing actions in your RubyMotion app.

6,977 下載

zuckermo 0.0.4

A RubyMotion Facebook Wrapper, based of @clayallsopp's TwitterMotion wrapper.

6,849 下載

carabiner 0.0.1

Easy access to the ios keychain

6,844 下載

remote_model 0.0.3

JSON API NSObject via RubyMotion. Create REST-aware models.

6,151 下載

status_bar 0.2.3

This RubyMotion gem can show status updates in the status bar. Heavily inspired by http...

6,119 下載

sharemotion 1.0.2

Simple sharer for rubymotion

5,783 下載

motion-wechat 0.0.4

Rubymotion gem to easily use WeChatSDK

5,486 下載

debugmotion 1.0.1

Log live debug informations on your device for rubymotion

5,038 下載


RubyMotion gem for Spark API

4,488 下載

twittermotion 0.0.2

A RubyMotion Twitter Wrapper

4,341 下載

walt 0.1.2

Fast, frictionless iOS animations

4,256 下載

motion_luc 0.1.1

Different kind of utilities for RubyMotion the way I use it.

4,001 下載

motion-krooshal 0.5.1

RubyMotion gem for Krooshal API

3,980 下載

motion-net-service 0.0.2

Wrapper around NSNetService for RubyMotion.

3,943 下載

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