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citrus 的反向依赖 3.0.2

toml-rb 1.1.2

A Toml parser using Citrus parsing library.

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wlang 2.3.1

WLang is a general-purpose *code generation*/*templating engine*. It's main aim is to h...

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gemstash 2.0.0

Gemstash acts as a local RubyGems server, caching copies of gems from auto...

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each_sql 0.4.1

Enumerate each SQL statement in SQL scripts.

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sexpr 0.6.0

Sexpr helps manipulating s-expressions in ruby.

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lector 0.0.7

lector parses Ruby data into Ruby data structures.

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stamina-induction 0.6.1

Stamina-induction plugs induction algorithm to the stamina toolkit.

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mtk 0.4

A music library and domain-specific language for generating music via MIDI.

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finitio 0.7.0

Implements the Finitio information language in Ruby.

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citrus_test 0.1.3

citrus_test makes it easier to test Citrus grammars.

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vines-services 0.1.4

Vines Services are dynamically updated groups of systems based on criteria like hostnam...

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zkruby 3.4.3

Pure ruby client for ZooKeeper (

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ruva 1.0.3

Write plain text conditions.

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gisele-language 0.6.0

Provides the parser + compiler infrastructure for the Gisele process modeling language.

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tape_measure 0.0.8

Contains a text parser for converting various measurements into a base unit, as well as...

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qrb 0.3.0

Implements the Q information language in Ruby.

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jmtk 0.4

A music library and domain-specific language for generating music via MIDI.

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stenographer-rails 0.7.3

Cleaner, Happier, Easier Changelogs in Rails

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cljdotrb 0.0.1

clj.rb parses Clojure data into its Ruby equivalents.

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bedi 0.1.4

A gem to parse EDI files.

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cortexio-grammar 1.0.0

A proof-of-concept CortexIO Query Language grammar using Ruby and citrus.

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deeds 0.0.3

Whenever you work on a project, track your time in a file with a specific syntax. \ ...

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shoppingcart 0.0.1

Parse Cartfiles in Ruby, be happy.

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dhall 0.4.0

This is a Ruby implementation of the Dhall configuration language. Dhall is a powerful,...

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toml-rb-hs 1.1.1

A Toml parser using Citrus parsing library.

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musa-dsl 0.14.11

Musa-DSL: A Ruby DSL for algorithmic music composition, device language neutral (MIDI, ...

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