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Dependencias inversas para cocoapods Latest version of the following gems require cocoapods

struct 4.0.1

Struct provides structure and predictability for Xcode projects. Define your project wi...

23.309 Descargas

cocoapods-browser 0.1.5

CocoaPods plugin to open the homepage of a pod in the browser.

20.357 Descargas

cocoapods-patch 0.0.9

Create & apply patches to Pods

19.207 Descargas

subpod 0.1.0

Make Pods as a sub project

18.003 Descargas

cocoapods-BDTransform 6.0.0

A short description of cocoapods-BDTransform.

17.787 Descargas

cocoapods-aomi-bin 0.1.28

A short description of cocoapods-lhj-bin.

16.626 Descargas

cocoapods-sorted-search 0.2.4

Sort CocoaPods search results by amount of stars, forks, or commit activity!

16.127 Descargas

react_native_util 0.6.0

Converts a project created with react-native init to use CocoaPods with the React pod f...

14.364 Descargas

cocoapods-lazy 0.4.2

Share pods dir to team

14.125 Descargas

stool 0.2.23


13.778 Descargas

DYAutomate 1.1.5


13.394 Descargas

cocoapods-ack_filter 0.2.0

Filter out licenses with pattern from Pods-acknowledgements.plist

13.238 Descargas

furion 1.0.15

MTP Huya is the best!!!

13.201 Descargas

cocoapods-acknowledgements-addons 0.3.0

A CocoaPods plugin that adds additional acknowledgements to the plist generated by coco...

13.184 Descargas

prime_sliding_action 0.3.2

Add sliding action cells support to MotionPrime.

13.101 Descargas

danger-podliblint 0.0.6

A Danger plugin for Pod lib lint.

13.098 Descargas

cocoapods-repo-rsync 1.0.6

CocoaPod plugin to add rsync support for spec repositories

13.000 Descargas

cocoapods-packager-qcloud 1.5.18

CocoaPods plugin which allows you to generate a framework or static library from a pods...

12.909 Descargas

ormdev 0.2.3

Hybrid App,混合模式移动应用,兼具“Native App良好用户交互体验的优势”和“Web App跨平台开发的优势”。

12.699 Descargas

cinder 0.5.5

Cinder does the heavy lifting for building and distributing iOS applications in a cont...

12.425 Descargas

prime_sliding_menu 0.1.6

ECSlidingViewController 2 integration for MotionPrime.

11.834 Descargas

ad_licenselint 1.3.0

Lint the licenses for iOS projects

10.882 Descargas

prime_reside_menu 0.1.5

RESideMenu integration for MotionPrime.

10.465 Descargas

cocoapods-sync-podspecs 0.3.0

Push new specifications to a spec-repo without lint validation

10.067 Descargas

cocoapods-multithread-installpod 0.0.8

将cocoapods installer过程中download_dependencies改为20个线程并发,提高pod update的效率

9.574 Descargas


cocoapods-imy-bin is a plugin which helps develpers switching pods between source code ...

9.337 Descargas

cocoapods-timeconsuming 0.0.6

pod install 各阶段及总耗时统计

9.090 Descargas

cocoapods-static-frameworks 0.0.1

Build static instead of dynamic frameworks.

9.028 Descargas

big_keeper 0.7.2

Efficiency improvement for iOS modular development, iOSer using this tool can make modu...

8.842 Descargas

big_keeper 0.7.2

Efficiency improvement for iOS modular development, iOSer using this tool can make modu...

8.842 Descargas

Total de descargas 44.554.044

Para esta versión 573.192

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