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Dependencias inversas para compass 1.0.3

compass-h5bp 1.0.0

Compass extension of HTML5 mixins extracted from the HTML5 Boilerplate project (

142.033 Descargas

fanforce-app-factory 1.7.1

Everything needed to setup a new app on Fanforce

137.191 Descargas

html5-boilerplate 2.1.0

A Compass implementation of Paul Irish's HTML5 Boilerplate at

123.933 Descargas

caboodle 0.3.0

Caboodle is a Rack and Sinatra-based framework for creating websites which combine info...

116.723 Descargas


This plugin integrates jQuery-Rails, jQuery, jQuery UI and Themes, jqGrid and more into...

115.657 Descargas

compass-colors 0.9.0

Sass Extensions and color theme templates to make working with colors easier and more m...

106.879 Descargas

compass-flexbox 1.1.3

A compass extension that provides variables & mixins for the latest Flexible Box Layout...

105.954 Descargas

middleman-compass 4.0.1

Compass support for Middleman

103.226 Descargas

staticmatic 0.11.1

Lightweight Static Site Framework

94.465 Descargas

compass_radix 3.2.0

A compass extension for the Drupal Radix theme. See

88.171 Descargas

ceaser-easing 0.7

a css transition implementation of the Penner equations based on @matthewlein css conve...

88.158 Descargas


Core styles for the Toadstool styleguide app.

87.463 Descargas

breakpoint-slicer 2.0.0

A very quick and efficient syntax for Breakpoint

85.001 Descargas

frank 1.0.12

Rapidly develop static sites using any supported templating language

79.360 Descargas

compass-css-arrow 0.0.4

a css-only arrow for compass

78.957 Descargas

accoutrement 0.1.10

A library of Sass utilities and patterns for OddBird projects.

70.930 Descargas

iugu-ux 1.0.25

Iugu User Experience and Components for HTML5,CSS,JS

68.190 Descargas

locomotivecms_mounter 1.5.8

Mount any LocomotiveCMS site, from a template on the filesystem, a zip file or even an ...

64.343 Descargas

high_five 0.3.23

Build, minify, and deal with different platforms and environments for your HTML5 app. ...

64.187 Descargas


Slickmap for Compass

63.454 Descargas

compass-recipes 0.3.0

A Compass extension to have some sass/compass recipes ready to use !

59.502 Descargas

hydeweb 0.2.3

Hyde lets you create static websites from a bunch of files written in HAML, Textile, Sa...

57.570 Descargas

grid-coordinates 1.2.0

Highly configurable CSS Grid Framework written in Sass.

57.397 Descargas

compass-inuit 5.0.2

Compass extension for the inuit.css framework.

57.069 Descargas

zfben_libjs 0.0.29

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

56.942 Descargas

dugway 0.12.0

Dugway allows you to run your Big Cartel theme on your computer, test it in any browser...

54.311 Descargas

edge_framework 2.1.1

Lightweight SASS Framework

54.158 Descargas

titon-toolkit 2.1.9

A collection of extensible front-end UI components and behaviors for the responsive and...

54.135 Descargas

bourbon-compass 4.0.2

thoughtbot's Bourbon packaged as a Compass extension.

52.180 Descargas

locomotivecms_steam 1.4.1

The LocomotiveCMS Steam is the rendering stack used by both Wagon and Engine

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Para esta versión 15.455.646

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