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Reverse dependencies for console Latest version of the following gems require console

async 1.30.1

A concurrency framework for Ruby.

2,763,823 下載

utopia 2.18.5

Utopia is a framework for building dynamic content-driven websites.

246,993 下載

samovar 2.1.4

Samovar is a flexible option parser excellent support for sub-commands and help documen...

144,633 下載

teapot 3.4.0

Teapot is a tool for managing complex cross-platform builds. It provides advanced pack...

100,672 下載

process-metrics 0.2.1

Provide detailed OS-specific process metrics.

65,029 下載

build-graph 2.1.0

Build::Graph is a framework for managing file-system based build processes. It provides...

51,286 下載

covered 0.13.1

A modern approach to code coverage.

46,048 下載

build 2.6.0

Build is a framework for working with task based build systems.

44,236 下載

pakyow-core 1.0.6

Core functionality for Pakyow

42,342 下載

relaxo 1.6.2

Relaxo is versioned document database built on top of git.

24,184 下載

doctor 0.8.0

With this project you will able to analyse your external resources status. You will be ...

14,777 下載

rs.rb 0.3.0

Eventually it'll be easy to understand, fun to use, and simple to extend. It's here for...

8,731 下載

memory 0.2.0

Memory profiling routines for Ruby 2.3+

8,174 下載

abide_dev_utils 0.8.1

Provides a CLI with helpful utilities for developing compliance Puppet code

7,376 下載

git-heatmap 0.2.2

Generate heatmap style visualisations based on git history.

3,646 下載

dependency_bumper 0.1.0

Tool helps you to automate updating dependencies of your Ruby project.

592 下載

總下載次數 2,671,490

這個版本 973,406

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 2.5