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Reverse dependencies for cssmin 1.0.3

jammit 0.7.0

Jammit is an industrial-strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both ...

1 121 327 Téléchargements

asset_hat 0.4.2

Load CSS and JS faster. Minifies, bundles, and optimizes CSS/JS assets ahead of time (e...

104 109 Téléchargements

cortex-reaver 0.3.1

A dangerous Ruby blog engine, with a photographic memory.

58 455 Téléchargements

rsence-deps 971

This is an empty gem specifying a list of dependencies for RSence Additionally, you ma...

23 796 Téléchargements

entityjs 0.4.4

HTML5 Javascript game engine, quickly create robust, flexible and reusable games.

18 466 Téléchargements

crush 0.3.3

Crush is a set of Tilt templates for the various JavaScript and CSS compression librari...

17 284 Téléchargements

sinatra-simple-assets 0.0.5

Asset minification and bundling for Sinatra

8 831 Téléchargements

sitefuel 0.1.0

SiteFuel is a Ruby program and lightweight API for processing the source code behind yo...

7 921 Téléchargements

laze 0.2.1

Laze is a simple static website generator, inspired by the likes of jekyll, bonsa...

4 934 Téléchargements

minit 0.0.2

Minify CSS and JS without requiring Java nor specifying individual files

4 185 Téléchargements

cssmin-cli 1.0.3

Command line tool for minifying CSS. Based on CSSMin library.

4 046 Téléchargements

gumbo 0.0.1

A standalone asset packager

2 156 Téléchargements

jammit-instructure 0.6.6

Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both ...

1 911 Téléchargements

sluukkonen-jammit 0.6.6

Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both ...

1 785 Téléchargements

ee_jammit 0.6.6

Enphase Fork to get the Rails 4 route compatibility Jammit is an industrial strengt...

1 429 Téléchargements

rethoth 0.4.2

Rethoth is a simple to understand, run and maintain Ruby blogging engine. Rethoth ...

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