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Reverse dependencies for debase 0.2.2

gauge-ruby 0.5.2

Adds Ruby support into Gauge tests

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contextio-lite 0.0.4

Short implementation of a client rest API for the Context.IO Lite API

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tdl-client-ruby 0.26.1

A ruby client to connect to the kata server

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rubyneat 0.5.3

RubyNEAT -- Neural Evolution of Augmenting Topologies for Ruby. By way of an enhanced...

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aws_pocketknife 0.1.24

Have you ever find yourself going through the aws cli documentation page over and over ...

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pod-builder 0.7.5

Prebuild CocoaPods pods to make compiling your Xcode projects faster

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metal_archives 2.2.0

Metal Archives Ruby API

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nistbib 0.1.6

NistBib: retrive NIST standards.

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serverspec_launcher 0.4.2

A utility to manage serverspec scripts

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fog-proxmox 0.8.0

This library can be used as a module for `fog`.

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sibit 0.9.0

This is a simple Bitcoin client, to use from command line \ or from your Ruby app. You ...

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cotton-tail 0.7.0

Simply and easily add AMQP messaging capabilities to your ser...

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relaton-bib 0.1.5

RelatonBib: Ruby XMLDOC impementation.

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xwax_playlist 0.1.0

A small utility to parse an iTunes Library XML file and export xwax compatible playlists.

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cpp_dependency_graph 0.1.3

Generates interactive dependency visualisations (dot, d3.js) to study the architecture ...

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ios_icon_generator 0.1.2

Generates icons based and apply masks to them easily.

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hatt 0.0.2

convention based approach to interfacing with an HTTP JSON API.

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bitswarmbox 1.0.0.pre18

boxes takes the complexity out of building custom Vagrant boxes. It's a command li...

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conv_ja_char 0.0.1

this library converts Hiragana or Katakana (both, UTF-8 without BOM) to Romaji form (us...

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ituBib 0.1.1

ItuBib: retrieve ITU Standards for bibliographic use using the BibliographicItem model

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gooddata-edge 0.6.27.edge

Use the GoodData::Client class to integrate GoodData into your own application or use t...

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cloud_party 0.1.1.pre.alpha.1

Thin Ruby wrapper around Cloudflare's V4 API for good measure!

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akari 0.1.0

New Brainf*ck derivation language generator and executor.

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jsonrb 0.1.1

Build JSON from multiple Ruby sources that output a Hash or Array.

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relaton-itu 0.1.0

RelatonItu: retrieve ITU Standards for bibliographic use using the BibliographicItem model

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