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Dependencias inversas para docker-api Latest version of the following gems require docker-api

dockerspec 0.5.0

A small gem to run RSpec, Serverspec, Infrataster and Capybara tests against Dockerfile...

51.731 Descargas

mumukit 2.42.0

Helpers for building a Mumuki Test Server

50.865 Descargas

specinfra-backend-docker_compose 0.1.0

Serverspec / Specinfra backend for Docker Compose.

50.841 Descargas

docker-armada 2.14.1

Deploy utility for docker containers

50.810 Descargas

docker-rails 1.1.0

A simplified pattern to execute rails applications within Docker (with a CI build empha...

49.483 Descargas

riemann-docker 0.1.3

Submits Docker container stats to riemann.

48.793 Descargas

escualo 3.1.5

escualo.rb is command-line tools that implements of the escualo provisioning format use...

46.800 Descargas

construi 0.41.0

Build tool using Docker to specify build environment

44.417 Descargas

ruuuby 0.0.49

{wip: flavored modifications & extensions for increased quality of Ruby coding life}

42.433 Descargas

lux 1.1.4

Handy utilities for working with Docker

39.018 Descargas

lucian 0.3.6

Lucian is a test framework for Docker environments which running up containers using do...

37.027 Descargas

baleen 0.2.5

Ballen allows you to run cucumber tests in parallel and isolated environment by using D...

36.465 Descargas

bigrig 0.6.2

Bigrig knows how to ship your composite docker applications

35.778 Descargas

dockit 5.2.1

Dockit is a builder for complex docker projects. Think scriptable docker-composer.

34.696 Descargas

docker-spec 0.28.0

A docker spec library to build and test docker containers

33.275 Descargas

docker-template 0.22.0

Build and template awesome Docker images a variety of ways.

31.973 Descargas

chef-provisioning-docker 0.11.0

Provisioner for creating Docker containers in Chef Provisioning.

31.571 Descargas

serverspec_launcher 0.8.0

A utility to manage serverspec scripts

31.318 Descargas

norad_cli 0.2.5

Command line interface for norad.

29.008 Descargas

docker_tools 0.0.25

Wrapper around ruby docker API to help with builds and stuff

28.524 Descargas

fluent-plugin-mesosphere-filter 0.2.0

Filter plugin to add Mesosphere metadata

28.313 Descargas

devkitkat 0.1.35

Make micro services easy

28.247 Descargas

spurious-server 0.6.3

The server component that the spurious cli client connects to

27.917 Descargas

port-authority 0.5.3

Highly opinionated PaaS based on Docker Swarm and ETCD

26.620 Descargas

vagrant-dnsdock-hostupdater 0.0.40

vagrant-dnsdock-hostupdater is a Vagrant plugin which provides the ability to keep the ...

25.729 Descargas

sumo-check-sumo 0.0.31

Sumo Sensu gem for testing our front end website

25.253 Descargas

fluent-plugin-cadvisor 0.3.1

cadvisor input plugin for Fluent event collector

25.031 Descargas

k8sflow 0.13.0

Manage workflow from source to kubernetes deployement

24.735 Descargas

trusted-sandbox 0.1.6

Trusted Sandbox makes it simple to execute classes that eval untrusted code in a resour...

24.019 Descargas

wrapbox 0.9.0

Ruby method runner on AWS ECS

22.371 Descargas

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