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dogstatsd-ruby 的反向依赖 4.4.0

ddtrace 0.25.1

ddtrace is Datadog’s tracing client for Ruby. It is used to trace requests as they flow...

5,015,475 下载

ruby-kafka 0.7.9

A client library for the Kafka distributed commit log.

5,000,903 下载

sidekiq-datadog 0.5.2

Datadog metrics for sidekiq

594,969 下载

inst_statsd 2.1.6

Statsd for Instructure

105,737 下载

fluent-plugin-dogstatsd 0.0.6

Fluent plugin for Dogstatsd, that is statsd server for Datadog.

102,680 下载

datadog_rails 0.2.0

This gem sends Rails application metrics to DogStatsD

82,934 下载

synapse 0.16.2

Synapse is a daemon used to dynamically configure and manage local instances of HAProxy...

62,923 下载

hallmonitor 5.2.0

Hallmonitor is a simple event monitoring framework in Ruby

40,564 下载

sapience 2.8

Hasslefree autoconfiguration for logging, metrics and exception collection.

38,255 下载

logstash-output-dogstatsd 5.0.0

This gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

37,891 下载

datadog-notifications 0.6.1

Datadog instrumentation for ActiveSupport::Notifications

36,628 下载

metriks-dogstatsd 0.3.0

A DogStatsD compatible reporter for the metriks metric reporting gem

32,756 下载

roo_on_rails 1.22.0

Scaffolding for building services

32,194 下载

naf 2.1.13

A cloud based distributed cron, application framework and operations console. Naf works...

31,144 下载

datadoge 0.0.3

This gem is notified of basic performance metrics for a Rails application, and sends th...

27,301 下载

seismograph 0.3.4

Wraps dogstatsd-ruby with helpful conventions

26,456 下载

fluent-plugin-statsd-event 0.1.1

fluentd plugin for statsd event

20,719 下载

percy-common 3.0.1

Server-side common library for Percy.

17,473 下载

rack-dogstatsd 0.1.0

Rack middleware for dogstatsd

15,580 下载

reevoo_sapience 2.4.0

Centralizd sapience configuration for Reevoo Ltd. See for more information

14,524 下载

interferon 0.2.5

: Store metrics alerts in code!

11,990 下载

moro 0.0.13

moro is a simple daemon to monitor process memory usage

9,700 下载

dogcatcher 0.3.3

Dogcatcher is a tool to catch exceptions in Ruby applications and send them to Datadog

9,216 下载

rigor_logger 0.0.2

Metrics and Events wrapper for DataDog

8,047 下载

log_parser_notifier 0.0.9

Write a longer description. Optional.

7,982 下载

passenger_datadog 1.1.0

A tool for sending Passenger stats to Datadog.

7,465 下载

fluent-plugin-datadog-statsd 0.0.4

Fluentd output plugin for Dogstatsd.

5,090 下载

falcore 0.2.0

Falcore is a Ruby library and CLI for collecting Jenkins slave information from a Jenki...

4,555 下载

cassandra-utils 0.4.1

Utility to manage Cassandra Monitoring and Management

4,336 下载

yabeda-datadog 0.3.5

Adapter for reporting custom metrics from Yabeda to DataDog.

4,152 下载

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