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Dependencias inversas para echoe Latest version of the following gems require echoe

memcached 1.8.0

An interface to the libmemcached C client.

3.097.842 Descargas

prawn-format 0.2.3

an extension of Prawn that allows inline formatting

962.553 Descargas

retryable-rb 1.1.0

Easy to use DSL to retry code if an exception is raised.

490.834 Descargas

rails_pwnerer 0.7.12

Rails deployment hack.

469.999 Descargas

360_services 1.1.3

Ruby bindings for Sorenson 360 Services

238.208 Descargas

smartcard 0.5.6

Interface with ISO 7816 smart cards.

187.991 Descargas

rtt 0.0.6

RTT is a tool for tracking time

153.081 Descargas

searchgasm 1.5.3

Object based ActiveRecord searching, ordering, pagination, and more!

114.248 Descargas

zerg_support 0.1.6

Support libraries used by Zergling.Net deployment code.

103.213 Descargas

ric 0.14.2

My first gem with various utilities (colors and tests now). My name is Riccardo, hen...

97.999 Descargas

rapleaf_api 1.2.4

A library for interacting with Rapleaf's Personalization and Utilities APIs.

83.151 Descargas

mtoros-mega_menus 0.8.41

Adds a model, controller to perform the tasks in order to have a treeview menu. To use ...

68.121 Descargas

tem_ruby 0.16.0

TEM (Trusted Execution Module) driver, written in and for ruby.

66.921 Descargas

cbac 0.8.0

Simple authorization system for Rails applications. Allows you to develop applications ...

57.800 Descargas

rack-i18n_locale_switcher 0.5.2

Detects the current locale from query parameter, path prefix, host or accept header.

52.053 Descargas

processwanker 0.0.13

Process monitoring and remote control system

47.413 Descargas

dnsmadeeasy-api 1.0.0

Ruby client and commandline utility for the DNSMadeEasy API.

43.937 Descargas

apachelogregex 0.1.0

Apache Log Regex is a Ruby port of Peter Hickman's Apache::LogRegex 1.4 Perl module. ...

43.362 Descargas

has_many_polymorphs 2.13

An ActiveRecord plugin for self-referential and double-sided polymorphic associations.

43.187 Descargas

tem_mr_search 0.3.5

Tem Map-Reduce proof of concept: database search.

41.972 Descargas

rtex 2.1.1

LaTeX preprocessor for PDF generation; Rails plugin

39.648 Descargas

netrecorder 0.2.3

Record network responses for easy stubbing of external calls

34.826 Descargas

gendalf 0.9.1

Trivial gem to support wizard application style creation.

34.278 Descargas

imobile 0.0.9

Library for servers backing iPhone applications.

32.989 Descargas

fair-gettext 2.0.7

Ruby-GetText-Package is a GNU GetText-like program for Ruby. The catalog file(po-file) ...

30.669 Descargas

robotstxt 0.5.4

Robotstxt Parser allows you to the check the accessibility of URLs and get other data. ...

29.008 Descargas

authgasm 0.10.3

Rails authentication done right

28.500 Descargas

jnunemaker-happymapper 0.2.5

object to xml mapping library

27.102 Descargas

ericam-compass-susy-plugin 0.6.2

Susy is a ground-up native Compass plugin grid system that takes full advantage of Sass...

26.953 Descargas

piggyback 0.6.0

Piggyback attributes from associated models with ActiveRecord

26.833 Descargas

Total de descargas 1.134.020

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