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Dependencias inversas para ed25519 Latest version of the following gems require ed25519

net-ssh 6.1.0

Net::SSH: a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol. It allows you to writ...

174.431.726 Descargas

sshkit 1.21.2

A comprehensive toolkit for remotely running commands in a structured manner on groups ...

37.751.304 Descargas

test-kitchen 3.0.0

Test Kitchen is an integration tool for developing and testing infrastructure code and ...

5.846.035 Descargas

jose 1.1.3

JSON Object Signing and Encryption

1.159.822 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.4 1.1.0

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

838.285 Descargas

ssh_data 1.1.0

Library for parsing SSH certificates

723.541 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.5 1.1.0

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

589.716 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.1 0.5.3

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

248.518 Descargas

oxidized 0.28.0

software to fetch configuration from network devices and store them

138.859 Descargas

ssh_scan 0.0.44

A Ruby-based SSH scanner for configuration and policy scanning

95.838 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.3 0.5.3

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

84.081 Descargas

runbook 1.1.0

Runbook provides a DSL for specifying system operations. This DSL is used to generate f...

69.392 Descargas

shopapp 0.2.75

Ha! Art thou Bedlam? Dost thou thirst base Trojan, to have me fold up Parca's fatal web...

63.437 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.7 1.1.0

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

57.484 Descargas

voxpupuli-acceptance 1.0.1

A package that depends on all the gems Vox Pupuli modules need and methods to simplify ...

53.457 Descargas

ops_team 1.8.0

ops_team handles basic automation for your project, driven by self-documenting YAML config

42.910 Descargas

hrr_rb_ssh-ed25519 0.4.2

hrr_rb_ssh extension that supports ED25519 public key algorithm.

42.126 Descargas

foreman_remote_execution_core 1.5.0

Ssh remote execution provider code sharable between Foreman and Foreman-Proxy

36.942 Descargas


Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.

26.623 Descargas

blower 7

Really simple server orchestration

26.317 Descargas

knife 17.5.22

The knife CLI for Chef Infra.

24.999 Descargas

hetzner-bootstrap 2.0.1

Easy bootstrapping of rootservers using hetzner-api

24.089 Descargas

selfsdk 0.0.179

joinself sdk

22.986 Descargas

capistrano-cul 0.1.4

Common capistrano tasks shared across projects at CUL

22.455 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.6 1.1.0

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

22.069 Descargas

telnyx 2.9.0

Telnyx enables anyone to deliver enterprise-grade real-time communications over the int...

20.106 Descargas

rake-deveiate 0.19.2

This is a collection of Rake tasks I use for development. I distribute them as a gem mo...

19.434 Descargas

pg_export 0.7.7

CLI for creating and exporting PostgreSQL dumps to FTP. Can be u...

17.974 Descargas

capistrano-twingly 4.0.3

Capistrano 3 tasks used for Twingly's Ruby deployment

9.055 Descargas

devbox_launcher 0.7.0

Conveniently launch your devbox

7.372 Descargas

Total de descargas 20.471.468

Para esta versión 20.452.023

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