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excon 的反向依赖 0.70.0

centurion 1.10.2

A deployment tool for Docker. Takes containers from a Docker registry and runs them on ...

211,289 下载

dependabot-common 0.113.27

Automated dependency management for Ruby, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Elixir, Rust, Java, ...

205,743 下载

packagecloud-ruby 1.0.8

library for interacting with

194,725 下载

megam_api 1.52.6

Ruby Client for the Megam vertice. Performs REST calls to Vertice Gateway - http://git...

191,807 下载

wikidata-client 0.0.12

Wikidata API client

179,680 下载

ironfan 6.1.9

Ironfan allows you to orchestrate not just systems, but clusters of machines. It includ...

172,665 下载

stretcher 1.21.1

The elegant ElasticSearch client

169,797 下载

rack-client 0.4.2

A client wrapper around a Rack app or HTTP

161,167 下载

mortar 0.15.53

Client library and command-line tool to interact with the Mortar service.

158,103 下载

cloud66_agent 1.4.5

See for more info

150,637 下载

kontena-cli 1.5.4

Command-line client for the Kontena container and microservices platform

139,775 下载

pebblebed 0.4.10

Development tools for working with Pebblebed

128,042 下载

zillabyte-cli 0.9.51

The Official Zillabyte CLI Gem

126,779 下载

capistrano-hivequeen 7.5.0

Capistrano extensions for interacting with HiveQueen

123,856 下载

simple_spark 1.0.12

An alternative to the official SparkPost Ruby gem

106,006 下载

dockly 3.4.1

Packaging made easy

104,677 下载

ably 1.1.2

A Ruby client library for realtime messaging

102,873 下载

conduit 1.2.0

Conduit is an interface for debit platforms.

96,106 下载

bsm-sso-client 0.12.2

BSM's internal SSO client

94,858 下载

vault-tools 2.0.1

Basic tools for Heroku Vault's Ruby projects

86,712 下载

veritrans 2.3.0

Veritrans ruby client

84,909 下载

suretax 1.1.1

A wrapper library for the SureTax communications tax API

82,824 下载

mandrillus 2.0.0

A fork of the official Ruby API library for the Mandrillus email as a service platform.

77,815 下载

heroku_hatchet 4.0.13

Hatchet is a an integration testing library for developing Heroku buildpacks.

76,102 下载

maremma 4.4

Ruby utility library for network requests. Based on Faraday and Excon, provides a wrapp...

72,116 下载

stretchy 0.7.0

Build queries for Elasticsearch with a chainable interface like ActiveRecord's.

71,571 下载

hu 2.0.20

Heroku Utility.

68,469 下载

paratrooper 3.0.2

Library to create task for deployment to Heroku

67,410 下载

vault-usage-client 1.0.0

Client for Vault::Usage

65,030 下载

postcodes_io 0.3.0

Get rich data from postcode lookups. Wraps

64,465 下载

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