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fakerの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require faker

gli 2.19.2

Build command-suite CLI apps that are awesome. Bootstrap your app, add commands, optio...

19,706,717 ダウンロード

sendgrid-ruby 6.3.6

Official Twilio SendGrid Gem to Interact with Twilio SendGrids API in native Ruby

8,467,797 ダウンロード

devise-two-factor 3.1.0

Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise

7,508,240 ダウンロード

data_magic 1.2

Provides datasets to application stored in YAML files

3,629,766 ダウンロード

omniauth_openid_connect 0.3.5

OpenID Connect Strategy for OmniAuth.

3,577,222 ダウンロード

squeel 1.2.3

Squeel unlocks the power of Arel in your Rails application with a handy block-bas...

2,800,667 ダウンロード

ajax-datatables-rails 1.2.0

A wrapper around datatable's ajax methods that allow synchronization with server-side p...

1,483,525 ダウンロード

shortener 0.8.2

Shortener is a Rails Engine Gem that makes it easy to create and interpret shortened UR...

1,076,679 ダウンロード

upsert 2.9.10

Make it easy to upsert on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3. Transparently creates merge f...

814,630 ダウンロード

upsert 2.9.10

Make it easy to upsert on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3. Transparently creates merge f...

814,630 ダウンロード

chargify_api_ares 1.4.15

A Chargify API wrapper for Ruby using ActiveResource

772,280 ダウンロード

rubocop-faker 1.1.0

A RuboCop extension for Faker.

662,186 ダウンロード

auth0 5.0.0

Ruby toolkit for Auth0 API

585,033 ダウンロード

nylas 4.6.2

Gem for interacting with the Nylas API.

575,016 ダウンロード

blockscore 4.2.1

BlockScore makes ID verification easier and faster. See for more.

545,393 ダウンロード

faker-medical 0.5.2

This gem is an extension of the Faker Gem to generate SSN, DEA, and NPI Numbers

503,645 ダウンロード

basecrm 1.3.8

Zendesk Sell Official API V2 library client for ruby

444,478 ダウンロード

phcmemberspro 91.4.0

Ruby on Rails 5.2 Engine to Manage Member Information and Business Directory Listings

405,473 ダウンロード

bugsnag-api 2.0.2

Bugsnag API toolkit for ruby

403,348 ダウンロード

wice_grid 4.1.0

A Rails grid plugin to create grids with sorting, pagination, and filters generated aut...

347,769 ダウンロード

test_rail-api 0.4.1

Ruby Client for v2 TestRail API

317,018 ダウンロード

mls 1.9.0

Ruby library for integrating with the 42Floors MLS

243,005 ダウンロード

wiselinks 1.2.1

Wiselinks makes following links and submitting some forms in your web application smart...

235,478 ダウンロード

phcscriptcdnpro 78.4.0

PHCContactor(Pro) Rails 5.2 contact form engine using ActionMailer

229,259 ダウンロード

randumb 0.6.0

Adds the ability to pull random records from ActiveRecord

229,028 ダウンロード

surus 0.7.1

Surus accelerates ActiveRecord with PostgreSQL specific types and f...

228,624 ダウンロード

mbsy 2.1.0

A Ruby wrapper for the Ambassador API

224,558 ダウンロード

auto_test 1.0

Automatic Testing Tool

216,466 ダウンロード

devise-doorkeeper 1.1.2

Support authentication via OAuth2 tokens dispensed from the Doorkeeper authorization flow

208,471 ダウンロード

phcpresspro 86.4.0

PHCPress(Pro) rails CMS engine to manage your website's articles, categories and media.

192,351 ダウンロード

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