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Reverse dependencies for faker Latest version of the following gems require faker

phcpresspro 86.4.0

PHCPress(Pro) rails CMS engine to manage your website's articles, categories and media.

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active_admin_editor 1.1.0

Rich text editor for Active Admin using wysihtml5.

193,155 下載

zendesk_apps_support 4.29.5

Support to help you develop Zendesk Apps.

185,534 下載

zuora-ruby 0.7.0

A Ruby wrapper for Zuora API.

183,507 下載

testcentricity_web 3.2.18

The TestCentricity™ Web core generic framework for desktop and mobile web browser-based...

181,800 下載

mas-rad_core 0.1.5

Models and logic for the RAD family of products.

162,228 下載

acmcommits 1.1.4

Lolcommits refactored for use at the UIUC branch of ACM.

153,599 下載

active_cart 0.0.18

You can use active_cart as the basis of a shopping cart system. It's not a shopping car...

152,016 下載

mock_dfe 0.1.1

Generates Xml examples of different Brazilian tax documents.

148,947 下載

api_resource 0.6.25

A replacement for ActiveResource for RESTful APIs that handles associated object and mu...

148,551 下載

theme-juice 0.28.8

tj helps you create new local WordPress development sites, manage existing sites, and d...

144,722 下載

phccontentpack 77.2.0

PHCContactor(Pro) Rails 5.2 contact form engine using ActionMailer

142,740 下載


istox backend shared gem

139,964 下載

wisepdf 1.4.0

Wisepdf uses the shell utility wkhtmltopdf to serve a PDF file to a user from HTML. In ...

134,860 下載

xclarity_client 0.6.8

Lenovo XClarity API Client

134,513 下載

fixjour 0.5.3

Object creation methods everyone already has

132,354 下載

phcpress 56.4.0

PHCPress rails CMS engine to manage your website's articles, categories and media.

128,602 下載

adminpanel 3.6.1

Gem that focus on making a public site's resources very quickly while being very config...

128,383 下載

stbaldricks 10.8.3

Ruby library for accessing and integrating with the St. Baldrick's Foundation API

126,535 下載

phcaccountspro 72.4.0

Ruby on Rails 5.2 Authentication and User Management Engine for Enterprise

119,380 下載

arkaan 3.3.0

This gem holds the model layer for my table-top RPG games application.

117,151 下載

red-arrow 2.0.0

Apache Arrow is a common in-memory columnar data store. It's useful to share and proces...

113,340 下載

rspec-hive 0.6.2

RSpecHive let you test your hive queries connecting to hive ins...

112,422 下載

phcmembers 67.5.0

Ruby on Rails 5.2 Engine to Manage Member Information and Business Directory Listings

110,943 下載

thredded 0.16.16

The best Rails 4.2+ forums engine ever. Its goal is to be as simple and feature rich as...

107,007 下載

arid_cache 1.4.4

AridCache makes caching easy and effective. AridCache supports caching on all your mod...

106,653 下載

bluff 0.1.0

A single source of lies for all your testing needs

106,074 下載

phccontactorpro 72.4.0

PHCContactor(Pro) Rails 5.2 contact form engine using ActionMailer

105,860 下載

locomotivecms_wagon 3.0.5

Wagon is a site generator for the LocomotiveCMS engine

103,123 下載

allscripts_unity_client 5.0.0

Provides a simple interface to the Allscripts Unity API using JSON. Developed at health...

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