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Dependencias inversas para fcrepo_wrapper Latest version of the following gems require fcrepo_wrapper

active-fedora 13.2.4

ActiveFedora provides for creating and managing objects in the Fedora Repository Archit...

1.337.498 Descargas

hydra-head 12.0.1

Hydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application.

485.060 Descargas

hydra 11.0.0

Project Hydra Stack Dependencies

223.979 Descargas

hydra-derivatives 3.6.0

Derivative generation plugin for hydra

219.002 Descargas

hydra-works 2.0.0

Using this data model should enable easy collaboration amongst Samvera projects.

200.808 Descargas

hydra-editor 5.0.4

A basic metadata editor for hydra-head

196.037 Descargas

hydra-pcdm 1.1.0

Portland Common Data Model (PCDM)

145.715 Descargas

sufia 7.4.1

Sufia extends the robust Hydra framework to provide a user interface around common repo...

119.935 Descargas

hyrax 3.0.2

Hyrax is a featureful Samvera front-end based on the latest and greatest Samvera softwa...

90.289 Descargas

curation_concerns 2.0.0

A Rails Engine that allows an application to CRUD CurationConcern objects (a.k.a. "Works")

88.962 Descargas

valkyrie 2.2.0

An ORM using the Data Mapper pattern, specifically built to solve Digital Repository us...

46.873 Descargas

activefedora-aggregation 0.10.0

Aggregations for active-fedora

28.795 Descargas

zizia 6.0.1

Hyrax importers.

21.231 Descargas

active_fedora-datastreams 0.2.0

XML and RDF datastreams for ActiveFedora

20.656 Descargas

speedy-af 0.1.3

Performance enhancements for ActiveFedora

15.916 Descargas

geo_concerns 0.3.4

Rails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around Curation Concerns engine.

15.505 Descargas

darlingtonia 3.2.2

Hyrax importers.

13.984 Descargas

dog_biscuits 0.5.9

DogBiscuits provides re-usable models, vocabularies and other services for Hyrax applic...

7.190 Descargas

geo_works 0.2.0

Rails engine for Hydra Geo models. Built around the Hyrax engine.

4.423 Descargas

hyrax-active_encode 0.2.0

Hyrax plugin to enable audiovisual derivative generation through active_encode

2.446 Descargas

valkyrie_active_fedora 0.0.6

A rails engine to extend ActiveFedora gem to play nicely with Valkyrie data mapper gem

2.242 Descargas

newspaper_works 1.0.1

Gem/Engine for Newspaper Works in Hyrax-based Samvera Application.

2.150 Descargas

hyrax-preservation 0.1.1

Hyrax Preservation provides models for storing and searching for preservation metadata.

860 Descargas

hyrax-ingest 0.1.0

Description of Hyrax::Ingest.

793 Descargas

test_hyrax 0.0.1.alpha

Hyrax is a featureful Hydra front-end based on the latest and greatest Hydra software c...

601 Descargas

Total de descargas 152.776

Para esta versión 79.736

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