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feedzirraの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require feedzirra

muck-services 3.3.3

This gem contains the rails specific code for dealing with feeds, aggregations and reco...

133,733 ダウンロード

cline 1.0.1

Show recently news on the terminal.

47,108 ダウンロード

spix_parser 1.8.2

A feed parser wrapper for Spix

43,129 ダウンロード

feed2email 0.11.1

RSS/Atom feed updates in your email

25,636 ダウンロード

jekyll-reposter 0.1.8

Provides a interface for generating posts as a repost from external feeds. Tested with ...

19,611 ダウンロード

github_metadata 0.3.0

Extracts additional information like amount of committers, issues and wiki pages from G...

15,865 ダウンロード

gandalf 0.0.4

Scheduler and Worker makes a unit. You can also make your own worker as well.

12,464 ダウンロード

catarse_full 0.1.0

Gem packaging of Catarse, a crowdfunding application.

12,301 ダウンロード

twithub 0.1.5

A gem to aggregate your recent twitter and github activity into a single feed. Can acce...

11,265 ダウンロード

traffic 0.0.6

Traffic is a gem that supplies traffic information from multiple data providers

9,889 ダウンロード

feedzirra-podcast 0.0.13

Strict RSS 2 podcast parsing with Feedzirra

9,043 ダウンロード

discodactyl 0.5.0

Discodactyl is an experimental toolkit for XRD service discovery documents and related ...

8,588 ダウンロード

bulletin 0.0.6

Command line RSS reader

8,343 ダウンロード

solarsearch 0.0.10

Have a search motor built on the top of Solr, a highly customizable, scalable and well ...

7,772 ダウンロード

doing_stream 0.0.3

Accumulate streams from various sites

7,675 ダウンロード

feed_cache 0.1.0

A thin wrapper over Feedzirra with injected caching

5,589 ダウンロード

apdm 0.0.16

A collection of APDM local paper-related things.

5,563 ダウンロード

learnable-notifier 0.0.2

A little application that check the Learnable RSS feed and posts new messages to prowl....

5,031 ダウンロード

sc2cinch 0.1.1

Display your current ladder rank, report the outcome of games, and more

4,760 ダウンロード

omnom 0.0.2

An everythingreader for programmers

3,946 ダウンロード

torrent_rss 0.2.0

Manage parsing RSS files for torrents and downloading them

3,878 ダウンロード

hashtag_retweet_bot 0.2.0

Script that listens to a tag and retweets messages with that tag. Supports both OAuth a...

3,368 ダウンロード

hashtag_retweet_bot 0.2.0

Script that listens to a tag and retweets messages with that tag. Supports both OAuth a...

3,368 ダウンロード

relevant-hudson 0.0.1

Check the time

3,021 ダウンロード

relevant-github 0.0.1

Parses github activity feeds

3,014 ダウンロード

nutritious 0.0.1

Reads bookmark stream from

2,899 ダウンロード

rss-feed 0.8.2

This gem fetches RSS feed and allow new feed entry document creations with rake tasks.

2,790 ダウンロード

myredditnews 0.0.1

Mirror your rss feeds into a subreddit

2,433 ダウンロード

feed_notifier 0.0.1

Notify feed update via notification center

2,387 ダウンロード

feedig 0.0.1

Feed IRC Gateway

2,268 ダウンロード

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