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ffiの被依存性 1.11.1

ffi-compiler 1.0.1

Ruby FFI library

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aruba 0.14.11

Extension for popular TDD and BDD frameworks like "Cucumber", "RSpec" and "Minitest" to...

2,445,621 ダウンロード

rbnacl 7.0.0

The Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library provides a high-level toolkit for buildi...

2,296,206 ダウンロード

minitest-chef-handler 1.1.0

Run minitest suites after your Chef recipes to check the status of your system.

2,197,782 ダウンロード

appsignal 2.9.11

The official gem

1,926,537 ダウンロード

rb-fchange 0.0.6

A Ruby wrapper for Windows Kernel functions for monitoring the specified directory or s...

1,797,467 ダウンロード

ffi-libarchive 0.4.10

A Ruby FFI binding to libarchive.

1,442,542 ダウンロード

win32-process 0.8.3

The win32-process library implements several Process methods that are either unimpl...

1,399,805 ダウンロード

webdrivers 4.1.1

Run Selenium tests more easily with install and updates for all supported webdrivers.

1,015,712 ダウンロード

sys-uname 1.0.4

The sys-uname library provides an interface for gathering information about your cu...

992,705 ダウンロード

google_currency 3.4.1

GoogleCurrency extends Money::Bank::Base and gives you access to the current Google Cur...

950,393 ダウンロード

rubypython 0.6.4

RubyPython is a bridge between the Ruby and Python interpreters. It embeds a running Py...

930,933 ダウンロード

levenshtein-ffi 1.1.0

Provides a fast, cross-Ruby implementation of the levenshtein distance algorithm.

867,152 ダウンロード

ruby-vips 2.0.14

ruby-vips is a binding for the vips image processing library. It is extremely fast and ...

839,310 ダウンロード

knife-solo 0.7.0

Handles bootstrapping, running chef solo, rsyncing cookbooks etc

811,075 ダウンロード

libnotify 0.9.4

Ruby bindings for libnotify using FFI

810,734 ダウンロード

dep_selector 1.0.6

Given packages, versions, and a dependency graph, find a valid assignment of package ve...

784,647 ダウンロード

win32-service 2.1.4

The win32-service library provides a Ruby interface to services on MS Windows. You ...

755,301 ダウンロード

systemd-journal 1.4.1

Provides the ability to navigate and read entries from the systemd journal in ruby, as ...

736,970 ダウンロード

ffi-extra 0.1.0

Some extra methods for FFI

586,121 ダウンロード

ffi-icu 0.1.10

Provides charset detection, locale sensitive collation and more. Depends on libicu.

585,672 ダウンロード


Inline C/C++ in Ruby easily and cleanly.

584,645 ダウンロード

win32-dir 0.5.1

The win32-dir library provides extra methods and constants for the builtin Dir clas...

541,283 ダウンロード

win32-security 0.5.0

The win32-security library provides an interface for dealing with security related ...

515,932 ダウンロード

ruby-saml-mod 0.3.8

This is an early fork from - I plan to "rebase" t...

466,039 ダウンロード

pocketsphinx-ruby 0.4.0

Provides Ruby FFI bindings for Pocketsphinx, a lightweight speech recognition engine.

463,409 ダウンロード

rautomation 0.17.0

RAutomation is a small and easy to use library for helping out to automate windows and ...

445,606 ダウンロード

ffi-rzmq-core 1.0.7

This gem provides only the FFI wrapper for the ZeroMQ (0mq) networking library. Pro...

422,608 ダウンロード

bzip2-ffi 1.0.0

Bzip2::FFI is a Ruby wrapper for libbz2 using FFI bindings. The Bzip2::FFI Reader ...

399,025 ダウンロード

win32screenshot 2.1.0

Capture Screenshots on Windows with Ruby to bmp, gif, jpg or png formats.

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