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figaroの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require figaro

maestrano-connector-rails 2.3.6

Maestrano is the next generation marketplace for SME applications. See https://sme.maes...

119,246 ダウンロード

fuel 0.4.10

Fuel's goal is to be a simple yet customizable blogging gem.

47,409 ダウンロード

subspace 2.5.4

WIP -- don't use this :)

29,976 ダウンロード

ops_tasks 0.6.3

AWS Opsworks Rake & CLI Tasks for Deployment

25,756 ダウンロード

mno-enterprise-core 3.4.0

Core functionnality of MNOE. This handles the core functionnality.

22,228 ダウンロード

addons 0.1.4

Connect your app to Addons for all your service integrations in one place.

21,247 ダウンロード

rosetta 1.1.2

Rosetta makes it easy for copy writers to edit the translations of your app.

20,376 ダウンロード


Stripe Payments Integration with Catarse crowdfunding platform.

20,099 ダウンロード

aliyun_open_search 0.6.0

Aliyun OpenSearch Syncs and Search

19,235 ダウンロード

orcid 0.9.1

A Rails engine for integration.

18,646 ダウンロード

cryptatron 1.0.0

Encryption for internal secure requests

15,914 ダウンロード

tiny_png_checker 0.1.2

This library check for PNG metadata that indicates TinyPNG is applied on files, the ide...

15,654 ダウンロード

beyond 0.0.8

A gem that uses docker and to deploy applications b...

12,006 ダウンロード

bittrex 0.0.6

API Client for the Bittrex API

8,770 ダウンロード

raffle_v1 1.0.4

An admin sets up the raffle entry requirements. Users must meet the raffle validation r...

7,762 ダウンロード

launchbox 0.0.5

Connect your app to Launchbox for all your service integrations in one place.

7,622 ダウンロード

figaro_secrets 0.1.5

Secrets for Figaro

7,381 ダウンロード

locum-best-practices 0.4.5

Contains deploy configuration

7,001 ダウンロード

signatron 1.0.0

Signing for internal secure requests

6,566 ダウンロード

stripe_wrapper 0.1.6

Wrapper around Stripe for rails.

4,512 ダウンロード

devowd 0.0.2

Authorization solution with devise and crowd. Helps to generate model, view, controller...

3,743 ダウンロード

figaro-backup 0.0.3

Make sure configuration files are symlinked to Dropbox.

3,580 ダウンロード

ievkit 0.3.0

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

3,447 ダウンロード

vertpig 0.0.11

API Client for the Vertpig API

3,363 ダウンロード

metacritic 0.1.1

Wrapper for Mashape's Metacritic API.

3,181 ダウンロード

opsworks_deployer 0.1.0

Task to deploy via CLI on Amazon OpsWorks.

3,030 ダウンロード

dcs-best-practices 0.0.5

Contains deploy configuration

2,914 ダウンロード

addy_caddy_client 0.0.1

Provides a wrapper for making queries to apis and local data.

2,537 ダウンロード

nzcoapi 0.1.0

Full functionality to search by company name, company number and director.

1,764 ダウンロード

logging_good 1.0.1

Making Rails Logging much more lucid 👊

1,673 ダウンロード

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