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fivemat 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require fivemat

diplomat 2.6.4

Diplomat is a simple wrapper for Consul

13,298,757 下载

windows_error 0.1.4

The WindowsError gem provides an easily accessible reference for ...

3,032,367 下载

ruby_smb 3.2.0

A pure Ruby implementation of the SMB Protocol Family

3,002,860 下载

middleman-syntax 3.3.0

Code syntax highlighting plugin via rouge for Middleman

1,961,552 下载

rspec-legacy_formatters 1.0.2

Support for RSpec 2.x formatters on 3.x

1,909,641 下载

logstash-devutils 2.4.0

logstash-devutils gem is meant to be used as a development dependency from other plugin...

790,615 下载

quandl_client 2.13.0

An orm for the cassinatra rest interface.

184,157 下载

acmcommits 1.1.4

Lolcommits refactored for use at the UIUC branch of ACM.

177,592 下载

quandl_operation 0.4.2

Data will be operated

130,447 下载

quandl_data 1.5.1

Data will be interfaced

122,607 下载

wires 0.6.2

A lightweight, extensible asynchronous event routing framework in Ruby.

105,963 下载

quandl_cassinatra 0.2.3

An orm for the cassinatra rest interface.

76,529 下载

stormpath-sdk 1.7.0

Stormpath SDK used to interact with the Stormpath REST API

75,633 下载

quandl_format 0.5.1

Data will be loaded and dumped.

58,504 下载

quandl_logger 0.3.1

Quandl logger class for use in quandl gems.

57,022 下载

scope_composer 0.4.3

Scopes will be built

53,932 下载

quandl_cassandra 1.4.0

Quandl cassandra interface. CQL.

52,484 下载

0mq 0.5.3

A Ruby-like wrapper for ffi-rzmq-core (ZeroMQ)

51,115 下载

ionian 0.8.0

A library to simplify interaction with IO streams. This includes network sockets, file ...

45,791 下载

sexy_json_schemas 0.0.7

A DSL for generating JSON Schemas

37,262 下载

togglv8 1.2.1

Toggl v8 API wrapper (See

37,014 下载

rda 0.4.1

Rda(Rails Development Assist) is combined with lots of useful commands which can help y...

36,282 下载

woo 0.2.0

A mountable styleguide to drive your development

31,594 下载

wires-test 0.2.2

Testing convenience gem for the wires framework.

31,206 下载


Styleguide generator, prototype and test tool powered by Middleman

29,546 下载

shipitron 1.4.1

A deployment tool for use with Docker and ECS.

28,486 下载

casino_core-authenticator-activerecord 1.1.6

This gem can be used to allow the CASinoCore backend to authenticate against an SQL ser...

27,460 下载

fbo 0.1.7

The FBO gem manages the process of downloading and parsing file-based notice inform...

26,932 下载

maas-client 0.3.2

A client library that can be used to call MAAS API.

26,579 下载

quandl_utility 0.2.2

Tools for making our lives easier.

26,031 下载

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