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Reverse dependencies for gherkin 7.0.3

cucumber 3.1.2

Behaviour Driven Development with elegance and joy

26,117,104 下載

cucumber-core 5.0.1

Core library for the Cucumber BDD app

14,769,363 下載

gli 2.18.2

Build command-suite CLI apps that are awesome. Bootstrap your app, add commands, optio...

13,861,851 下載

turnip 4.0.1

Provides the ability to define steps and run Gherkin files from with RSpec

1,646,560 下載

yard-cucumber 4.0.0

YARD-Cucumber is a YARD extension that processes Cucumber Features, Scenarios, Steps, ...

408,487 下載

cuporter 0.3.14

Scrapes Cucumber *.feature files to build reports on tag usage and test inventory

123,588 下載

cuke_modeler 1.5.1

This gem facilitates modeling a test suite that is written in Gherkin (e.g. Cucumber, S...

114,283 下載

cucumber_lint 0.1.2

A command line interface for linting and formatting cucumber features

107,655 下載

wally 0.0.47

Cucumber feature viewer and navigator

81,026 下載

gherkin_lint 1.2.2

Lint Gherkin Files

77,030 下載

cucumber_analytics 1.6.0

Static analysis of Cucumber tests made easy.

70,487 下載

cucumber-in-the-yard 1.7.8

Cucumber-In-The-Yard is a YARD extension that processes Cucumber Features, Scenarios, S...

62,036 下載

crab 0.2.14

CRaB is a bridge between Cucumber and Rally

56,984 下載

stepdown 1.1.0

Stepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps a...

48,241 下載

turnip-parallel_tests 0.0.2

Helper ParallelTests for Turnip

47,472 下載

bdd-legacy 0.0.15

Allows for use of feature driven testing of legacy (especially sql server) applications.

39,518 下載

lucid 0.5.1

Lucid is a test framework that is designed to treat testing as a design activity by...

38,697 下載

cukeforker-webdriver 0.0.1

Run webdriver with ports pre allocated - thanks go to Jari Bakken for the original impl...

27,545 下載

cukedep 0.2.01

Handle dependencies between Cucumber feature files

26,619 下載

gurke 3.3.4

An alternative gherkin feature runner inspired by rspec and turnip.

26,177 下載

gherkin_language 0.9.0

Check language of Gherkin Files

22,259 下載

bio-band 0.1.11

Data mining and machine learning algorithms for JRuby

20,785 下載

yacht 0.3.0

Yacht is Yet Another Configuration Helper Tool.

19,718 下載

devise_wind 1.0.3

some stuff

17,784 下載

cs-bdd 0.1.9

A simple gem to generate all files needed in a project that will support Calabash for b...

13,199 下載

gherkin_format 0.1.1

Format Gherkin Files

11,315 下載

yard-cucumber2 2.3.4

This is simply a published fork of yard-cucumber that works with Cucumber 2.0+, all tha...

10,580 下載

rack-usermanual 0.4

Rack::Usermanual allows you to serve your gherkin feature files as web pages within you...

10,371 下載

scrab 0.0.4

Simple tool for pushing cucumber features into Rally testcases

9,674 下載

gherkin_readability 0.2.0

Determine readability of Gherkin Files

9,347 下載

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