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Reverse dependencies for glib2 Latest version of the following gems require glib2

gobject-introspection 3.5.1

Ruby/GObjectIntrospection provides bindings of GObject Introspection and a loader modul...

992,208 下載

atk 3.5.1

Ruby/ATK is a Ruby binding of ATK-1.0.x.

623,129 下載

cairo-gobject 3.5.1

Ruby/CairoGObject is a Ruby binding of cairo-gobject.

532,495 下載

pdf-wrapper 0.4.5

A unicode aware PDF writing library that uses the ruby bindings to various c libraries ...

58,492 下載

pixbufutils 0.0.5

Misc functions for alpha channel extraction, gamma, tinting, masking, blur etc.

21,628 下載

redeye 1.0.4

Redeye correction methods for redeye

20,998 下載

volay 2.2.0

Really simple volume system tray written in ruby.

20,864 下載

gtk-webkit-ruby 0.0.8

Gtk Webkit bindings for ruby. Partial coverage sufficient to embed a webview in a Ruby...

17,784 下載

kang 0.1.0

The Ruby Regex Debugger. Put your regex in the top pane, and your match text in the bot...

15,152 下載

glib-eventable 0.1.3

This is a helper gem for ruby-gnome2 applications that allows developers to easily conn...

10,067 下載

gnms 2.1.1

GNMS is a graphical tool used to monitor state of network elements

8,587 下載

screencaster-gtk 0.0.8.alpha1

A program for capturing screencasts

8,204 下載

gdkpixbuf 0.20.1

Ruby/GdkPixbuf2 is a Ruby binding of GdkPixbuf-2.x.

7,870 下載

speak 0.0.2

Text 2 speech using Google Translate service.

5,613 下載

chuparuby 0.5.0

Ruby bindings for ChupaText

4,294 下載

dxmms2 1.0.0

# dxmms2 *a dmenu shell for xmms2* Setting the dmenu width in dxmms2 requires the patc...

1,564 下載

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