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Dependencias inversas para glimmer-dsl-swt Latest version of the following gems require glimmer-dsl-swt

glimmer-cs-gladiator 0.9.2

Gladiator (short for Glimmer Editor) is a Glimmer sample project under on-going develop...

24.763 Descargas


Nebula CDateTime Widget - Glimmer Custom Widget - A Date and Time selection widget that...

5.593 Descargas

glimmer-cs-calculator 1.1.4

Calculator - Glimmer Custom Shell

5.291 Descargas

glimmer-cw-video 1.1.0

Glimmer video widget with basic functionality like play, pause, loop, and reload. Suppo...

4.165 Descargas


Chromium Browser - Glimmer Custom Widget - Enables using the `browser` widget with the ...

3.684 Descargas

glimmer-cs-timer 1.2.0

Timer - Glimmer Custom Shell - It supports a countdown timer

2.590 Descargas

glimmer-cp-bevel 0.1.1

Bevel - Glimmer Custom Shape

2.034 Descargas

glimmer-cp-stickfigure 0.1.1

Stick Figure - Glimmer Custom Shape

1.962 Descargas


The [Nebula Project]( is a collection of enterprise-gra...

1.845 Descargas

glimmer_tetris 1.0.1

Glimmer Tetris

1.165 Descargas

glimmer_klondike_solitaire 1.0.1

Glimmer Klondike Solitaire

785 Descargas

draw_color_repeat 1.0.0

Draw Color Repeat is a young child programming language for drawing and coloring with r...

754 Descargas

glimmer_metronome 1.1.1

Glimmer Metronome (JRuby application built with Glimmer DSL for SWT) - Supports changin...

380 Descargas

glimmer-cp-cylinder 0.1.0

Cylinder - Glimmer DSL for SWT Custom Shape

189 Descargas

glimmer-cp-cube 0.1.0

Cube - Glimmer DSL for SWT Custom Shape

186 Descargas

glimmer-cp-messageboxpanel 0.1.0

Message Box Panel - Glimmer DSL for SWT Custom Shape - message_box_panel is a graphical...

184 Descargas

Total de descargas 119.845

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