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Reverse dependencies for gon 6.3.2

xmppify 0.0.62

We have extracted out the logic from IdleCampus and built xmppify because I want to hel...

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boilerman 0.1.2

A tool used to help with testing/auditing the security of a Rails application.

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voluntary 0.7.1

#Crowdsourcing management system for #RubyOnRails:

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adn_viewer 1.0.2

ADN Viewer Starter

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hat-trick 0.4.0

Hat-Trick brings together jQuery, validation_group, and Ajax to make multi-step forms a...

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dry_haml_handlebars 0.0.13

Write haml views once, and then use them for both server and clientside rendering (usin...

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cardboard_cms 0.3.1

Rails CMS made simple

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office_clerk 1.0.0

Rubyclerks is a small buisness management solution, including an online presence (shop)...

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polyglot_js 0.0.6

i18n for JavaScript with Rails

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binnacle_chat 0.0.8

A Chat Widget for Rails powered by Binnacle.

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gon_responder 0.1.1

respond_with gon

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lanalytics-rails 0.3.0

Ruby / Rails client gem for the Lanalytics Service as found on:

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cancan-export 0.2.3

Exports CanCan rules to the client-side.

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cortex 0.1.3

An API-driven multitenant identity, custom content distribution/management and reportin...

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blacksand 2.5.0

CMS base on Rails Engin.

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gorg_slack_chat 0.1.3

Brings to apps

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json_dumper 0.4.0

Serialize ruby objects for javascript consumption

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holypack 0.0.1

A pack that adds handy libraries that are usually needed in most webapps

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mei 0.0.3

A Metadata Enrichment Interface (MEI) for Hydra Forms.

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flot-rails-plus 0.0.2

Provides a data driven API into the flot javascript plotting library

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conschedule 0.1.0

Conschedule library makes it easy to integrate scheduling in your Rails application, fr...

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handy_location_inputs 0.1.1

Handy Location Inputs is an easy way to get uniform location input from a user without ...

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