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Dependencias inversas para google-api-client Latest version of the following gems require google-api-client

train 3.8.1

Transport interface to talk to different backends.

24.189.391 Descargas

fluent-plugin-google-cloud 0.12.1

Fluentd plugins for the Stackdriver Logging API, which will make logs viewable in th...

3.885.511 Descargas

gitlab-fog-google 1.14.0

This library can be used as a module for `fog` or as standalone provider to use the Goo...

1.558.910 Descargas

fluent-plugin-bigquery 2.2.0

Fluentd plugin to store data on Google BigQuery, by load, or by stream inserts

1.004.053 Descargas

supply 1.0.0

Command line tool for updating Android apps and their metadata on the Google Play Store

830.921 Descargas

embulk-output-bigquery 0.6.7

Embulk plugin that insert records to Google BigQuery.

591.914 Descargas

beaker-google 0.2.1

For use for the Beaker acceptance testing tool

533.267 Descargas

kitchen-google 2.2.0

A Test-Kitchen driver for Google Compute Engine

404.192 Descargas

gcewinpass 1.1.0

Reset a password on a Google Compute Engine instance running Windows.

400.145 Descargas

candy_check 0.4.0

Check and verify in-app receipts

335.708 Descargas

bigquery 0.9.0

This library is a wrapper around the google-api-client ruby gem. ...

263.394 Descargas

browse-everything 1.1.2

AJAX/Rails engine file browser for cloud storage services

255.284 Descargas

adops_report_scrapper 0.2.52

Adops Report Scrapper is a collection of web scrappers that can automatically extract t...

144.470 Descargas

sufia-models 6.7.0

Models and services for sufia

109.101 Descargas

rhoconnect 7.4.1

RhoConnect App Integration Server and related command-line utilities

101.571 Descargas

paperclip-googledrive 0.1.3

paperclip-googledrive extends paperclip support of storage for google drive storage

87.449 Descargas

embulk-input-bigquery 0.0.9

embulk input plugin from bigquery.

84.497 Descargas

bcome 2.0.1

Generate custom management interfaces from simple configuration and Ruby code. On-premi...

78.328 Descargas


The Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...

74.810 Descargas

knife-google 5.0.11

Google Compute Engine Support for Chef's Knife Command

61.238 Descargas

datapimp 1.2.11

Your rails app in a custom tailored suit.

60.646 Descargas

google_spreadsheet_fetcher 1.7.0

Google Spreadsheet fetcher

49.297 Descargas

embulk-input-google_spreadsheets 1.1.1

Load records from Google Spreadsheets.

45.529 Descargas

middleman-google_drive 0.3.13

Pull content from a google spreadsheet to use in your middleman site.

45.232 Descargas

flash_flow 1.6.2

Flash flow is a command line tool for keeping your acceptance environment up to date

44.755 Descargas

glass-rails 1.0.5

A framework for creating google glass applications using ruby on rails.

43.230 Descargas

concerto_calendar 0.0.9

Simple support to render google calendar v2/v3 or iCal content in Concerto 2.

42.192 Descargas

gxapi_rails 0.1.0

Google Analytics and integration

39.755 Descargas

ruby_astm 1.5.4

This gem provides a server that can handle communication from medical instruments that ...

38.036 Descargas

gdrivestrg 0.0.17

Ruby plugin that installs the Google Drive driver for Cloudstrg system

37.060 Descargas

Total de descargas 114.130.593

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