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groupdate 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require groupdate

searchjoy 0.5.1

Search analytics made easy

973,321 下载

forest_liana 7.2.0

Forest is a modern admin interface that works on all major web frameworks. forest_liana...

663,120 下载

renalware-core 2.1.1

Renalware uses demographic, clinical, pathology, and nephrology datasets to improve pat...

128,415 下载

calculate-all 0.2.1

Extends Active Record with #calculate_all method

86,577 下载

hackathon_manager 0.14.1

Full-featured application for managing hackathon logistics

40,716 下载

pages_cms 3.0.0

Pages CMS uses nested forms and draggable items to allow the user to build a site withi...

40,651 下载

reports_kit 0.7.1

ReportsKit lets you easily create beautiful charts with customizable, interactive filters.

31,518 下载

aggtive_record 0.2.5

This is not even remotely finished or even started on. Please don't download.

22,410 下载

station 0.0.128

Station provides a documentation platform ready to use with your custom documentation.

17,414 下载

slash_admin 1.5.10

A modern and overridable admin gem, just the rails way.

16,899 下载

notable_web 0.1.2

A web interface for Notable

16,374 下载

thecore_ui_commons 2.4.2

Engine to serve configurations and rails module useful for all the UIs.

15,153 下载

metricky 0.8.6


15,095 下载

rollups 0.1.2

Rollup time-series data in Rails

14,133 下载

gdpr_rails 0.5.1

policy_manager engine for rails gdpr compliance

12,661 下载

cloudpress 0.1.6

A blogging framework that uses dropbox as it's storage engine

11,302 下载

chaskiq 0.0.6


10,167 下载

spree_reports 0.2.2

Awesome Spree Reports: orders by period, orders by payment type, orders by value range

8,984 下载

integral 1.5.1

Building a professional website on Rails has never been easier. Create fascinating blog...

8,664 下载

stenographer-rails 0.7.4

Cleaner, Happier, Easier Changelogs in Rails

8,016 下载

intel 0.0.4

Search analytics made easy

7,542 下载

growth 0.2.0

Track the monthly and yearly growth of your Rails models along with their associations.

6,228 下载

active_admin_bbs 1.1.1

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

5,744 下载

graphql-groups 0.2.0

GraphQL Groups makes it easy to add aggregation queries to your GraphQL schema. It comb...

4,496 下载

panhara_reports_kit 0.17.0

ReportsKit lets you easily create beautiful charts with customizable, interactive filters.

4,251 下载

uzebba 0.1.5

rails 5 application monitoring tool to check for System Information, CPU Usage and Memo...

3,346 下载

rmeter 0.0.1

RMeter is a ruby based implementation of a jmeter multi-server runner, with reports and...

3,206 下载

rails-server-monitor 0.2.1

Monitor one or multiple servers at once and see stats in web UI

3,019 下载

reports_kits 0.7.8

ReportsKits lets you easily create beautiful charts with customizable, interactive filt...

2,495 下载

speedup-dashboard 0.0.1

Performance dashboard creates an front-end for SpeedupRails gem and for now, there is p...

1,860 下载

下载总次数 10,757,394

这个版本 669,319

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.4