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gtk3の被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require gtk3

clutter-gtk 4.1.0

Ruby/ClutterGTK is a Ruby binding of Clutter-GTK.

295,490 ダウンロード

gtksourceview3 4.1.0

Ruby/GtkSourceView3 is a Ruby binding of gtksourceview-3.x.

291,538 ダウンロード

goocanvas 2.2.0

Ruby/GooCanvas is a Ruby binding of GooCanvas.

140,139 ダウンロード

vte3 4.1.0

Ruby/VTE is a Ruby binding of VTE for GTK+ 3

122,655 ダウンロード

webkit-gtk 4.1.0

Ruby/WebKitGTK is a Ruby binding of WebKitGTK+.

118,828 ダウンロード

gtk_paradise 0.11.46

This library is called gtk_paradise (release saga 0.11.x), the successor to the older g...

117,946 ダウンロード

rabbit 3.0.1

You can create your slide as a text file. It means that you can version controlyour sli...

113,973 ダウンロード

visualruby 3.4.13

Visualruby is a complete IDE for making graphical user interfaces with ruby. It utiliz...

109,814 ダウンロード

webkit2-gtk 4.1.0

Ruby/WebKit2GTK is a Ruby binding of WebKit2GTK+.

76,404 ダウンロード

goffice 4.1.0

Ruby/GOFFICE is a Ruby binding of GOFFICE.

62,050 ダウンロード

navilocal 1.2.5


47,226 ダウンロード

gtksourceview4 4.1.0

Ruby/GtkSourceView4 is a Ruby binding of gtksourceview-4.x.

38,381 ダウンロード

topinambour 2.0.6

Terminal Emulator based on the ruby bindings of Gtk3 and Vte3

36,295 ダウンロード

gtk2clockapp 2.2.230108

A clock/bulletin board with a STDIN interface. It's up to the user to wrap `gtk2clocka...

36,078 ダウンロード

gtk3app 5.4.230109

`Gtk3App` provides a [Ruby Gnome Gtk3]( application stub...

34,565 ダウンロード

volay 2.2.0

Really simple volume system tray written in ruby.

28,759 ダウンロード

alexandria-book-collection-manager 0.7.10

GNOME application for managing collections of books

21,725 ダウンロード

wnck3 4.1.0

Ruby/WNCK3 is a Ruby binding of libwnck 3.

21,520 ダウンロード

gray_scott_gtk3 0.5.8

Reaction diffusion system (Gray-Scott model).

20,245 ダウンロード

Ruiby 3.24.0

A DSL for building simple GUI ruby application, based on Gtk.

19,262 ダウンロード

kita 0.9.5

A simple GTK3 app to help Japanese language learners with Hiragana and Katakana. It int...

18,269 ダウンロード

gluby-tk 0.1.9

A tool for creating GTK applications using Ruby and Glade

15,893 ダウンロード

etti 0.7.1

Etti will be a editor to create and print labels of all kind. It is specially made to c...

15,221 ダウンロード

midinous 1.1.1

Midinous combines generative features with a grid-based GUI to offer a supplemental and...

13,120 ダウンロード

nyle 0.7.5

'Nyle' is a minimal graphics framework using Ruby/GTK3 and rcairo

13,112 ダウンロード

vimamsa 0.1.10

Vi/Vim -inspired experimental GUI-oriented text editor written with Ruby and GTK.

12,716 ダウンロード

druzy-little_frame 1.0.5

some little frame like filechooser

12,074 ダウンロード

rgw 0.7.1

rgw is a collection of Gtk+ widgets written in and for ruby

11,617 ダウンロード

bconv 0.0.8

Yet another ImageMagick hardcore gui-frontend with multi-threading. Only Russian langua...

11,471 ダウンロード

groove-dl 0.4.0

Grooveshark downloader allow you to search, choose playlists and songs and download them.

11,321 ダウンロード

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