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Dependencias inversas para handsoap Latest version of the following gems require handsoap

vmware_web_service 3.1.0

A ruby interface to Vmware Web Services SDK

226.411 Descargas

jiraSOAP 0.10.9

Written to run fast and work on Ruby 1.9 as well as MacRuby

109.951 Descargas

landslider 0.5.28

Landslider is a ruby interface to the Landslide SOAP-based API

109.029 Descargas

titlepage 1.4.1

This library is designed to assist with using the SOAP API.

28.928 Descargas

developergarden_sdk 0.9.2

Client library for the open development services of Deutsche Telekom AG. The services a...

25.485 Descargas

postini 0.2.0

Library to make the Postini SOAP API more palatable

22.214 Descargas

cargowise-ts 1.0.7

Retrieve tracking and status information on your shipments from ediEnterprise

14.271 Descargas

ews-api 0.1.2

Exchange Web Services API. It doesn't use soap4r.

13.686 Descargas

braspag 0.4.0

Access the Braspag webservices using Ruby

12.524 Descargas

labmanager 0.1.1

Ruby SOAP proxy for VMware Lab Manager

12.010 Descargas

remember_the_meeting 0.0.3

Gem that integrates against Exchange server and notifies you 15 minutes before meetings...

8.426 Descargas

zimbra 0.0.6

Interface to Zimbra management API

7.890 Descargas

zimbra-soap-api 0.7.9

Interface to Zimbra management API

4.703 Descargas

f2b 0.1.0

Integração com o serviço da F2b para envio e agendamento de cobranças.

4.157 Descargas

ruby-amt 0.1.0

Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) is available on every computer having the Inte...

3.842 Descargas

wmci-viewpoint 0.1.27

A Ruby client access library for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS). Examples can b...

3.522 Descargas

Total de descargas 509.410

Para esta versión 279.462

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