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Dependencias inversas para hpricot Latest version of the following gems require hpricot

ronn 0.7.3

Builds manuals

1.418.610 Descargas

jpmobile 6.1.1

A Rails plugin for mobile devices in Japan

1.076.232 Descargas

jenkins 0.6.8

A suite of utilities for bringing continous integration to your projects (not the other...

686.678 Descargas

html2slim 0.2.0

Convert HTML to Slim templates. Because HTML sux and Slim rules. That's why.

651.715 Descargas

flights_gui_tests 2.4.98

test automatizado para los productos del equipo flights gui

515.455 Descargas

rodf 1.1.1

ODF generation library for Ruby

305.085 Descargas

ymdp 1.4.7

Framework for developing applications in the Yahoo! Mail Development Platform.

198.724 Descargas

ymdp 1.4.7

Framework for developing applications in the Yahoo! Mail Development Platform.

198.724 Descargas

premailer-rails3 1.3.2

This gem brings you the power of the premailer gem to Rails withou...

196.656 Descargas

4info 2.0.0

A complete Ruby API for handling SMS messages via

195.196 Descargas

nofxx-subtitle_it 0.7.7

description of gem

189.008 Descargas

flights_gui_henry_tests 3.0.7

test automatizado para el proyecto flights gui

175.416 Descargas

golf 0.7.9

Golf lets you write your interface in terms of reusable, simple components.

167.129 Descargas

warlley-subtitle_it 0.7.5

description of gem

152.382 Descargas

feed-normalizer 1.5.2

An extensible Ruby wrapper for Atom and RSS parsers. Feed normalizer wraps various RSS...

144.033 Descargas

jekyll-import 0.20.0

Provides the Import command for Jekyll.

140.216 Descargas

muck-services 3.3.3

This gem contains the rails specific code for dealing with feeds, aggregations and reco...

132.024 Descargas

efax 1.4.2

Ruby library for accessing the eFax Developer service

111.089 Descargas

spiderfw 1.0.1

Spider is yet another Ruby framework.

109.522 Descargas

rfacebook 0.9.8

A Ruby interface to the Facebook API v1.0+. Works with RFacebook on Rails plugin (see ...

101.574 Descargas

sbdevcore 0.3.10


89.644 Descargas

rfeedreader 1.0.17

Feed parser to read feed and return first posts of this feed. Special parsing from sour...

86.679 Descargas

tamtam 0.0.3

Email services like GMail and Hotmail don't like stylesheets. The only way around it is...

81.346 Descargas

rmobio 1.1.34

Rmobio API

79.706 Descargas

sbsm 1.6.0

Application framework for state based session management

71.595 Descargas

egregious 0.2.13

Egregious is a rails based exception handling gem for well defined http exception handl...

71.130 Descargas

caterpillar 1.6.0

= Caterpillar

68.827 Descargas

common-pool 0.3.1

Common Pool - Object Pooling

67.770 Descargas

zena 1.2.8

zena is a Ruby on Rails CMS (content managment system) with a focus on usability, ease...

67.318 Descargas

talia_core 0.7.0

This is the core plugin for building a digital library with Talia/Rails.

65.152 Descargas

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