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Dependencias inversas para ipaddress Latest version of the following gems require ipaddress

fog-aws 3.10.0

This library can be used as a module for `fog` or as standalone provider ...

69.168.963 Descargas

fog 2.2.0

The Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...

47.577.928 Descargas

ohai 16.13.0

Ohai profiles your system and emits JSON

30.436.021 Descargas

fog-openstack 1.0.11

OpenStack fog provider gem.

25.000.546 Descargas

fog-aliyun 0.3.19

As a FOG provider, fog-aliyun support aliyun OSS/ECS. It will support more aliyun servi...

23.978.256 Descargas

fog-cloudatcost 0.4.0

This library can be used as a module for `fog` or as standalone provider to use the Clo...

13.528.003 Descargas

fog-digitalocean 0.4.0

DigitalOcean fog provider gem

6.793.285 Descargas

awspec 1.22.1

RSpec tests for your AWS resources.

984.008 Descargas

opennebula 6.0.0

Libraries needed to talk to OpenNebula

640.633 Descargas

forest_liana 6.3.0

Forest is a modern admin interface that works on all major web frameworks. forest_liana...

550.507 Descargas

sensu-plugins-graphite 3.1.1

This plugin provides native Graphite instrumentation for ...

375.755 Descargas

dust-deploy 0.16.6

when puppet and chef suck because you want to be in control and sprinkle just cannot do...

198.186 Descargas

staypuft 0.5.26

OpenStack Foreman Installer Plugin

108.418 Descargas

ruby-cute 0.13

Ruby library for controlling experiments

83.934 Descargas

uv-rays 2.4.7

Opinionated abstractions for Libuv

62.429 Descargas

foreman_ansible 6.2.0

Ansible integration with Foreman

53.097 Descargas

knife-azure 3.0.6

A plugin to the Chef knife tool for creating instances on the Microsoft Azure platform

49.652 Descargas

cloudstrap 0.51.1.pre

Strapping Boots to Clouds

47.338 Descargas

rig 0.6.7

Cloud provisioning tool built on ruby fog

44.367 Descargas

fog-bouncer 0.2.7

A simple way to define and manage security groups for AWS with the backing support of fog.

43.643 Descargas

repsheet_visualizer 1.1.0

Visualizer for Repsheet

39.195 Descargas

bandshell 1.7.1

Client-side tools for Concerto digital signage

38.083 Descargas

mongolly 0.3.2

Easy backups for EBS-based MongoDB Databases

36.303 Descargas

biosphere 0.2.19

Terraform's HCL lacks quite many programming features like iterators, true variables, a...

35.189 Descargas

netbox-client-ruby 0.5.3

A read/write client for Netbox v2.

33.407 Descargas

yawast 0.7.2

YAWAST is an application meant to simplify initial analysis and information gathering f...

32.066 Descargas

app42 0.7.0

Client library and command-line tool to deploy and manage apps on App42PaaS.

31.723 Descargas

zergrush 0.0.24

Zerg is a tool for launching an arbitrary number of virtual machines and running a task...

28.332 Descargas

zetabot 2.0.7

Zeta is a IRC bot written in ruby using the Cinch Framework

25.469 Descargas

mystro-common 0.3.3

common functionality for Mystro

24.588 Descargas

Total de descargas 80.721.937

Para esta versión 62.031.259

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