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Dépendances inversées pour jammit 0.7.0

guard-jammit 1.1.0

Watches your assets to automatically package them using Jammit.

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kumade 0.8.2

A well-tested script for easy deploying to Heroku

49 907 Téléchargements

bhm-admin 0.3.6

Provides a reasonably dynamic and simple to use admin area for Rails 3 application. Bui...

49 023 Téléchargements


Jammit-S3 is an extension to the awesome Jammit library that handles deployment to s3 a...

47 284 Téléchargements

fingerjam 0.8.2

Fingerjam uploads your Jammit-compressed assets with fingerprinted filenames so they ca...

41 219 Téléchargements


Creates a web development project with support for CoffeeScript and Sass, with support ...

31 700 Téléchargements

cv 0.0.7

The goal of this gem is to build a resume or portfolio based on a YAML file and running...

16 755 Téléchargements


Jammit-S3 is an extension to the awesome Jammit library that handles deployment to s3 a...

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timeline_setter 0.3.2

TimelineSetter is a tool to create HTML timelines from spreadsheets of events.

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Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Sinatra/Padrino, provi...

13 123 Téléchargements

middleman-jammit 0.3.0

Use Jammit in Middleman - merge multiple javascripts/stylesheets into one

12 235 Téléchargements

rosey 0.0.3

Rosey helps you keep your house clean.

5 288 Téléchargements

hj7 0.9.0

Jekyll plugins and hacks

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asset_tasks 0.0.2

Rake tasks for asset packaging with Barista, Compass and Jammit

3 779 Téléchargements

backbone-generators 0.01

A collection of handy generators for backbone js. Currently the generators only support...

3 680 Téléchargements

blazing-jammit 0.1.0

blazing recipe to precompile rails assets with jammit

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