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mixlib-shellout 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require mixlib-shellout

sensu-plugins-opsgenie 5.0.0

Sensu plugins for Opsgenie

98,116 下载

knife-changelog 1.7.0

Facilitate access to cookbooks changelog

97,601 下载

sensu-plugins-postgres 4.2.0

This plugin provides native PostgreSQL instrumentation fo...

90,841 下载

microwave 11.400.8

A systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...

90,292 下载

sensu-plugins-mesos 2.5.0

This plugin provides navite Mesos instrumentation for monitoring ...

77,028 下载

poise-boiler 1.18.1

Boilerplate-reduction helpers for Poise/Halite-style gemss.

74,109 下载

spiceweasel 2.8.0

Provides a CLI tool for generating knife commands to build Chef-managed infrastructure ...

73,603 下载

guard-kitchen 0.1.0

Guard plugin for test kitchen

70,924 下载

knife-cloud 4.0.15

knife-cloud plugin

68,518 下载

singularity_dsl 3.0.6

DSL for your SingularityCI instance.

63,548 下载

r-train 0.12.99

This gem is deprecated in favor of train.

62,650 下载

volley 0.1.25

PubSub Deployment tool

59,863 下载

daptiv-chef-ci 0.2.0

Vagrant automation for CI

45,950 下载

cookbook-release 1.7.0

Provide primitives (and rake tasks) to release a cookbook

44,871 下载

idlc-sdk-pfm 1.2.2

Provides the pfm executable for idlc-sdk. This gem is part of the IDLC SDK

43,464 下载

wicoris-postman 0.13.0

Deliver letters from WiCoRIS

38,599 下载

jamie 0.1.0.beta4

A Chef convergence integration test harness

37,694 下载

bixby-client 0.5.3

Bixby Client

34,701 下载

rrimm 0.14.10

imm reboot in ruby. Retrieve rss feeds and send them by email

31,140 下载

rbarman 0.0.16

Wrapper for 2ndQuadrant's PostgreSQL backup tool 'barman'

30,963 下载

yard-classmethods 1.0.0

YARD documentation helper for ClassMethods-style modules.

29,074 下载

whisk 0.3.1

A simple Chef cookbook dependency manager

27,866 下载

chef_backup 0.3.0

A library to backup a Chef Server

27,719 下载

between_meals 0.0.12

Library for calculating Chef differences between revisions

25,499 下载

gina-conveyor 1.0.1

Conveyor is used for shuffling data around

23,588 下载

poise-profiler 1.1.0

A Chef cookbook for profiling performance in CI.

22,416 下载

volay 2.2.0

Really simple volume system tray written in ruby.

21,032 下载

image_builder 0.0.12

# ImageBuilder A gem to build operating system images for various platforms. At initi...

20,554 下载

cloudkeeper 2.0.0

Synchronize cloud appliances between AppDB and cloud platforms

20,445 下载

comfy 0.2.14

Tool for building virtual machine images from scratch.

20,191 下载

下载总次数 35,442,891

这个版本 6,387,802

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.4