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Dependencias inversas para ox Latest version of the following gems require ox

danger-junit 1.0.2

Get automatic inline test reporting for JUnit-conforming XML files.

1.989.368 Descargas

danger-checkstyle_format 0.1.1

Danger plugin for checkstyle formatted xml file.

1.101.382 Descargas

saxerator 0.9.9

Saxerator is a streaming xml-to-hash parser designed for working with very large xml fi...

480.317 Descargas

res 1.2.23

Formatters, parsers, and submitters for test results

375.575 Descargas

fastlane-plugin-update_android_strings 0.1.0

Update Android res strings.xml

303.104 Descargas

correios-cep 0.8.0

Correios CEP gem finds updated Brazilian addresses by zipcode, directly from Correios d...

259.034 Descargas

oddb2xml 2.7.4

oddb2xml creates xml files using swissINDEX, BAG-XML and Swissmedic.

244.291 Descargas

sensu-plugins-supervisor 1.1.0

This plugin provides native supervisord instrumentation f...

209.921 Descargas

xmlhasher 1.0.6

Fast XML to Ruby Hash converter

154.276 Descargas

excel_to_code 0.3.19

# Excel to Code [![Tests Passing](

140.145 Descargas

arachni 1.5.1

Arachni is a feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helpi...

134.813 Descargas

renalware-core 2.1.1

Renalware uses demographic, clinical, pathology, and nephrology datasets to improve pat...

129.671 Descargas

bibliothecary 7.1.1

Find and parse manifests

125.716 Descargas

sequenceserver 1.0.14

SequenceServer lets you rapidly set up a BLAST+ server with an intuitive user interface...

90.684 Descargas

commission_junction 2.0.0

Ruby wrapper for the Commission Junction web services APIs (REST)

82.142 Descargas

saxlsx 1.10.0

Fast xlsx reader on top of Ox SAX parser

78.116 Descargas

phil 0.9.8

Phil is a collection of markup generation and iteration methods to ease creation of UI ...

69.914 Descargas

ginjo-rfm 3.0.12

Rfm is a standalone database adapter for Filemaker server. Ginjo-rfm features multiple ...

64.492 Descargas

gillbus 0.22.8

Driver for Gillbus IDS API

59.384 Descargas

cosm-rb 0.2.09

A library for communicating with the Cosm REST API, parsing and rendering Cosm feed for...

53.362 Descargas

br_invoices_pdf 0.2.24

Brazilian Fiscal Documents PDF generator

52.896 Descargas

gmaps_geocoding 1.3.5

A simple Ruby gem for Google Maps Geocoding API. This gem returns a Ruby Hash objec...

41.323 Descargas

hotel_beds 1.0.7

Interfaces with the HotelBeds SOAP API to book hotel rooms

41.086 Descargas

wurfl_device 0.2.4

Ruby client library for mobile handset detection

36.401 Descargas

latexmath 0.1.5

Converts LaTeX math into MathML.

35.032 Descargas

magnum-pi 0.2.11

Create an easy interface to talk with APIs

34.566 Descargas

dagger 1.9.0, params).body

31.417 Descargas

tinami 1.0.1

TINAMI is a simple TINAMI API library.

27.500 Descargas

rollbar-shoryuken 1.1.0

rollbar's plugin for shoryuken.

26.858 Descargas

em-xmpp 0.0.12

XMPP client for event machine

26.289 Descargas

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