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danger-junit 1.0.2

Get automatic inline test reporting for JUnit-conforming XML files.

1,516,149 下載

danger-checkstyle_format 0.1.1

Danger plugin for checkstyle formatted xml file.

779,701 下載

saxerator 0.9.9

Saxerator is a streaming xml-to-hash parser designed for working with very large xml fi...

436,657 下載

res 1.2.23

Formatters, parsers, and submitters for test results

351,299 下載

correios-cep 0.8.0

Correios CEP gem finds updated Brazilian addresses by zipcode, directly from Correios d...

208,924 下載

oddb2xml 2.7.0

oddb2xml creates xml files using swissINDEX, BAG-XML and Swissmedic.

206,844 下載

sensu-plugins-supervisor 1.1.0

This plugin provides native supervisord instrumentation f...

204,787 下載

fastlane-plugin-update_android_strings 0.1.0

Update Android res strings.xml

198,660 下載

xmlhasher 1.0.5

Fast XML to Ruby Hash converter

141,790 下載

arachni 1.5.1

Arachni is a feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helpi...

124,235 下載

excel_to_code 0.3.19

# Excel to Code [![Tests Passing](

123,331 下載

bibliothecary 6.9.6

Find and parse manifests

92,647 下載

renalware-core 2.0.166

Renalware uses demographic, clinical, pathology, and nephrology datasets to improve pat...

89,947 下載

commission_junction 2.0.0

Ruby wrapper for the Commission Junction web services APIs (REST)

79,047 下載

sequenceserver 1.0.14

SequenceServer lets you rapidly set up a BLAST+ server with an intuitive user interface...

75,786 下載

saxlsx 1.10.0

Fast xlsx reader on top of Ox SAX parser

62,043 下載

phil 0.9.8

Phil is a collection of markup generation and iteration methods to ease creation of UI ...

58,816 下載

ginjo-rfm 3.0.12

Rfm is a standalone database adapter for Filemaker server. Ginjo-rfm features multiple ...

58,172 下載

cosm-rb 0.2.09

A library for communicating with the Cosm REST API, parsing and rendering Cosm feed for...

49,625 下載

br_invoices_pdf 0.2.24

Brazilian Fiscal Documents PDF generator

42,357 下載

gillbus 0.22.5

Driver for Gillbus IDS API

41,746 下載

hotel_beds 1.0.7

Interfaces with the HotelBeds SOAP API to book hotel rooms

35,270 下載

gmaps_geocoding 1.3.5

A simple Ruby gem for Google Maps Geocoding API. This gem returns a Ruby Hash objec...

34,490 下載

wurfl_device 0.2.4

Ruby client library for mobile handset detection

32,926 下載

magnum-pi 0.2.11

Create an easy interface to talk with APIs

30,886 下載

tinami 1.0.1

TINAMI is a simple TINAMI API library.

24,752 下載

em-xmpp 0.0.12

XMPP client for event machine

23,920 下載

device_api-ios 1.1.0

iOS implementation of DeviceAPI

23,547 下載

dagger 1.9.0, params).body

23,147 下載

arxivsync 0.1.3

OAI interface for harvesting the arXiv database

23,023 下載

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