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padrinoの被依存性 0.14.4

engine_of_war 2.0.0

Semi-static site engine.

43,089 ダウンロード

lazy-head-gen 0.6.0

lazy-head-gen adds some extra generators to Padrino. Currently they are hard wired to u...

31,406 ダウンロード

activate-admin 0.0.4

An admin gem for Padrino/mongoid

24,544 ダウンロード

bootstrap-on 0.0.9

Generates Padrino admin and admin page templates with Twitter Bootstrap integrated.

23,638 ダウンロード

natstrap 0.2.5

A gem to create a new project for Nat. Follows a consistent app template using padrino ...

14,715 ダウンロード

social_snippet-registry_core 0.0.13

The server-side core classes for social-snippet-registry

13,411 ダウンロード

sitespec 1.2.1

Generate static site from your rack application & test files

12,977 ダウンロード

padrino-jbuilder 0.0.8

Adds the jbuilder templating engine to Padrino

12,799 ダウンロード

padrino_bootstrap_forms 0.1.2

Padrino Bootstrap Forms is a port of Seth Vargo's Bootstrap Forms for Rails. It...

10,282 ダウンロード

padrino-localization 0.2.0

This gem allows you to localalize your padrino application with ease

10,146 ダウンロード

cowsapi 0.1.1

Cowsay API

7,986 ダウンロード

padrino-form-errors 0.1.0

Validation errors explanation done in good way for Padrino framework.

7,627 ダウンロード

bolton-cms-padrino 0.2.10

Bolt-on CMS for Padrino

7,350 ダウンロード

social_snippet-registry_views 0.0.9

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

6,517 ダウンロード

padrino-apidoc 0.0.5

A padrino sub-app plugin to generate API documentation for your controllers.

5,801 ダウンロード

padrino-relative 0.0.3

Enables relative controller paths in Padrino (for DRYness)

5,418 ダウンロード

padrino-views 0.4.1

Padriono Plugin to provide a View layer to Padrino.

5,340 ダウンロード

padrino-fields 0.3.3

Smart fields for your forms, similar to Formtastic or SimpleForm

3,041 ダウンロード

padrino-grape 1.0.0

compatibility module for padrino, to make grape mountable

2,880 ダウンロード

universe-webframeworks 0.1.1

gem install universe-webframeworks

2,771 ダウンロード

airship 0.0.1

Airship is the Sinatra/Padrino extension.

2,589 ダウンロード

revise 0.0.1

Authentication, Registrations, Confirmations, Invitations etc for Padrino

2,420 ダウンロード

cas_ticket_check_padrino 0.0.10

Gem to check cas ticket

2,252 ダウンロード

padrino-render-for 0.0.1

DRYer rendering method for Padrino, mainly used for templates for controllers

2,140 ダウンロード

padrino-response 0.0.1

Eliminates the repetitive response code in your Padrino controllers

2,103 ダウンロード

undergrounder 0.1.0

Simple Implementation of a short path finder for the London Tube

2,073 ダウンロード

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