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phcthemes_admin_panel_packの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require phcthemes_admin_panel_pack

phcdevworks_titleseo 2.4.0

Rails view helpers making page headings, taglines, seo and title tags easier to manage ...

24,671 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_notifications 1.5.0

Rails helpers and partial views for alerts and form validation notifications.

23,924 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_active_menus 1.5.0

Rails helpers to add active class to menu items based on controller and controller action.

22,624 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_tutorials 7.0.0

Ruby on Rails 6 Engine to Manage Online Tutorials.

20,416 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_members 6.7.1

Ruby on Rails 6 Engine to Organize Members and Manage an Online Members Directory & Lis...

15,690 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_accounts 1.12.0

Ruby on Rails 6 Authentication and User Management Engine.

14,253 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_press 5.0.0

Ruby on Rails 6 CMS Engine to Manage your Website's Articles, Categories and Associated...

11,470 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_portfolio 5.0.0

Ruby on Rails 6 Engine to Manage and Organize a Websites Work Portfolio.

9,393 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_scripts 5.7.1

Ruby on Rails 6 Script CDN and Code Snippets Listing Management Engine.

8,777 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_real_estate 2.8.1

Ruby on Rails 6 Real Estate Property Listings Management Engine.

7,350 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_core 1.5.0

Rails 6 core engine and helper files for PHCDevworks plugins.

6,857 ダウンロード

phcdevworks_core_modules 1.0.0

Core modules for PHCDevworks plugins.

380 ダウンロード

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