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Reverse dependencies for phony 2.18.9

phony_rails 0.14.13

This Gem adds useful methods to your Rails app to validate, display and save phone numb...

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activevalidators 5.1.0

ActiveValidators is a collection of ActiveModel/ActiveRecord validations

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mls 1.9.0

Ruby library for integrating with the 42Floors MLS

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textris 0.7.1

Implement texter classes for sending SMS messages in similar way to how e-mails are sen...

56,771 下載

attributes_for 0.8.1

ActiveView Helper to present formatted ActiveModel attributes with icons.

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torasup 0.2.2

"Retuns metadata about a phone number such as operator, area code and more"

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ctm 0.5.1

API Library for CallTrackingMetrics

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mote_sms 1.3.15

Unofficial ruby adapter for Swisscom and MobileTechnics Bulk SMS APIs. ...

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cm-sms 0.2.7

Send text messages by means of the HTTP protocol with the service of https://www.cmtele...

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phone_classifier 0.0.11

Classifies some countries phone numbers into :mobile, :forbidden and :landline

14,873 下載

basepack 1.0.1

Basepack for Rails

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countries-phone_numbers 1.0.3

Find countries by phone numbers

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rundown 0.0.8

Extracts dates, phone numbers, sentiment and other items from naturally worded text.

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rails_admin_phone_number_field 0.1.1

Adds a auto-formatting phone number field to RailsAdmin.

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your_platform 1.0.1

Administrative and social network platform for closed user groups.

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motion-phony 0.1.1

A RubyMotion wrapper around the awesome Phony gem

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phony_number 0.0.2

This Gem adds useful methods to your Rails app to validate, display and save phone numb...

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appt 0.0.1.beta.3

appt engine

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cogi_phony 0.0.6

This gem provide you library to validate, parsing and format phone number, detect phone...

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phony_attribute 0.0.1

ActiveModel field serializer for handling phone numbers via Phony gem

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babysms 0.5.1

Functionality to send SMS via Twilio, Nexmo, etc.

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