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prawn 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require prawn

payday 1.1.5

Payday is a library for rendering invoices. At present it supports rendering invoic...

90,792 下载

foreman_datacenter 2.3.0

A plugin that lets you document your servers in a datacenter

82,299 下载

kramdown-converter-pdf 1.0.5

kramdown-converter-pdf uses Prawn to convert a kramdown document to PDF

77,325 下载

query_report 1.2.1

This is a gem to help you to structure common reports of you application just by writin...

77,162 下载

br_danfe 0.17.0

DANFE pdf generator for Brazilian invoices.

75,737 下载

squid 1.4.1

Squid expands Prawn providing method to easily draw graphs in PDF files.

74,672 下载

httpimagestore 1.9.0

Configurable S3 or file system image storage and processing HTTP API server. It is usin...

73,035 下载

prawn-graph 1.0.6

Prawn::Graph adds straightforward native graph drawing to Prawn without the need to dep...

68,174 下载

iugusdk 1.0.11

SDK for Iugu Platform Applications

62,084 下载 0.1.11

Ruby client for web services

61,589 下载

prawn-fillform 0.0.20

fill text and images through acroform fields

55,695 下载

log_analyzer 0.3.2

log_analyzer gem is created to get statistics about your views rendering performance.

53,689 下载

br_invoices_pdf 0.2.24

Brazilian Fiscal Documents PDF generator

52,896 下载

pivotal_to_pdf 1.6.0

Convert Pivotal Tracker Stories to 4x6 PDF for printing so that you can stick the card ...

50,431 下载

risu 1.8.4

risu is a Nessus .nessus XML parser and report generation tool

49,307 下载

wagon 2.0.2

Provided a valid username and password, Wagon will download all the information...

48,506 下载

bookie 0.0.14

Eventually this may be a markdown to PDF, ePUB, MOBI processor. For now it's just somet...

48,462 下载

mork 0.15.0

Optical mark recognition of multiple-choice tests and surveys. Low-level ruby library t...

48,303 下载

insulin 0.1.11

Take exported CSV from the OnTrack diabetes app, put it into MongoDB, and do interestin...

47,905 下载

bdd-legacy 0.0.15

Allows for use of feature driven testing of legacy (especially sql server) applications.

46,533 下载

flash_flow 1.6.2

Flash flow is a command line tool for keeping your acceptance environment up to date

43,051 下载

brandeins 0.3.0

BrandEins gem offers a download command to download a specific or all volumes. Use `bra...

39,931 下载

prawn_plus 11.0.4

A Rails renderer for Prawn PDFs.

38,928 下载

check_writer 0.4.8

Ruby library for generating PDF checks that you can take to the bank

37,613 下载

barcodes 0.0.12

Barcodes is a RubyGem for creating and rendering common barcode symbologies.

36,763 下载

prawn-styled-text 0.1.6

A Prawn PDF component which adds basic HTML support

36,746 下载

tp 0.7.0

Presents Markdown slides in your terminal

34,672 下载

appraisermetrics_report_service 0.1.8

["A service to generate pdf reports"]

33,823 下载

bookify 2.9.0

Transform Markdown docs into two-column PDFs.

32,758 下载

invoice_printer 2.2.0

Super simple and fast PDF invoicing in pure Ruby (based on Prawn library).

32,631 下载

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PRAWN, GPL-2.0, GPL-3.0

需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5

需要的 RubyGems 版本: >= 1.3.6