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Reverse dependencies for prawn Latest version of the following gems require prawn

basmoura 0.5.2

I believe in one simple thing: if you are a developer, do all you can as a developer

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pdf-extract 0.1.1

PDF content extraction tool and library.

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crayfish 0.2.8

Crayfish - PDF templating for Rails

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mno-enterprise-core 3.4.0

Core functionnality of MNOE. This handles the core functionnality.

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jasper-command-line 0.4.1

Use jasper-rails from the command line.

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pdf-reader-turtletext 0.2.2

a library that can read structured and positional text from PDFs. Ideal for asembling s...

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prawn_cocktail 0.7.1

Simple documents, templates and helpers on top of Prawn.

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laser-cutter 1.0.5

Similar to the older BoxMaker, this ruby gem generates PDFs that can be used as a basis...

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flyboy 1.1.0


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invoice_bar 0.0.11

Rails Engine for single-entry invoicing.

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viral_seq 1.4.0

A Ruby Gem with bioinformatics tools for processing viral NGS data. ...

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resumetools 1.1.0

Resume generation and writing tools

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pdf_tempura 0.0.2

A gem for overlaying text and other fields onto PDF templates using Prawn.

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dot_grid 0.0.12

Dot Grid planner PDF generator.

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storyboard 0.5.1

Generate PDFs and eBooks from video files

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easyzpl 0.4.4

This Gem is a wrapper for the ZPL and ZPL 2 languages that are used to build labels for...

18,371 下載

stamp-it 0.0.8

Add watermarks to existing PDF files, the easy way.

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prawn-rtl-support 0.1.7

Add suport for arabic language in prawn.

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bookit 0.2.2

A quick way to format and output generic book information or articles in multiple forma...

17,022 下載

booky 0.0.6

Create a full blown book pdf from a textile file using prawn

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sunnyside 0.1.2

gem for Sunnyside Citywide Home Care, Inc.

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rodolfo 2.5.0

Create pdfs with Prawn

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mailfakk2 0.2.2

MailFaKK2 acts as a fax gateway. With the proper setup you can send an email to

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qparser 0.3

Quake Log Parser by basmoura to eloquent

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map_print 1.2.0

MapPrint allows to export many map sources and GeoJSON objects to a pdf/png file, along...

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open-ship 0.1.6

A library to make the hard parts of commercial shipping a little easier.

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proforma-prawn-renderer 1.1.0

Proforma is a virtual document object model. This library allows you to output PDF for...

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Resume generation and writing tools

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rbinvoice 0.5.0

Reads hours from a Google Spreadsheet and generates a PDF invoice.

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an extension of Prawn that allows inline formatting through the use of HTML-ish tags to...

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PRAWN, GPL-2.0, GPL-3.0

Ruby 版本需求: >= 2.5

RubyGems 版本需求: >= 1.3.6