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Dependencias inversas para premailer Latest version of the following gems require premailer

premailer-rails 1.11.1

This gem brings you the power of the premailer gem to Rails withou...

32.979.237 Descargas

actionmailer_inline_css 1.6.0

Module for ActionMailer to improve the rendering of HTML emails by using the 'premailer...

491.918 Descargas

premailer-rails3 1.3.2

This gem brings you the power of the premailer gem to Rails withou...

201.761 Descargas

bootstrap-email 1.1.2

Bootstrap 5+ stylesheet, compiler, and inliner for responsive and consistent emails wit...

176.288 Descargas

git-commit-notifier 0.12.10

This git commit notifier sends html mails with nice diffs for every changed file.

103.893 Descargas

edge_framework 2.1.1

Lightweight SASS Framework

77.286 Descargas

fastlane-plugin-polidea 4.0.1

Polidea's fastlane action

60.917 Descargas

fat_free_crm 0.20.0

An open source, Ruby on Rails customer relationship management platform

58.829 Descargas

word-to-markdown 1.1.8

Ruby Gem to convert Word documents to markdown.

51.542 Descargas

actionmailer-instyle 0.5.3

Easily create HTML emails in Rails ~>3.1

34.157 Descargas

proclaim 0.6.6

Most Rails blogging tools include everything you could ever want, including things yo...

33.518 Descargas

houston-core 0.9.2

Mission Control for your projects and teams

33.198 Descargas

reverse_adoc 0.3.5

Generate AsciiDoc from HTML and Microsoft Word via CLI or library.

26.211 Descargas

jreport 0.0.14

Create a report easily.

25.308 Descargas

incurve 0.1.4

InCurve provides some handy helper methods for your Rails app, letting you easily inlin...

22.963 Descargas

smallvictories 0.0.19

Small Victories Ruby interface.

22.264 Descargas

snowman-io 0.5.1

SnowmanIO - your personal assistent

18.438 Descargas

cyclid 0.4.0

The Cyclid CI system

14.268 Descargas

inline_css 0.0.5

InlineCss provides the inline_css helper to inline css styles within a view. This is es...

13.870 Descargas

digest_email 1.0.5

Gem to generate a weekly email digest

13.576 Descargas

emailvision4rails 0.1.4

Manage Emailvision campaigns and messages from your rails application

13.366 Descargas

muddle 1.0.1

Email clients are not web browsers. They render html all funny, to put it politely. In ...

12.242 Descargas

tricle 0.2.5

Automated metrics reporting via email

11.978 Descargas

html2mail 0.2.6

Console tool which generates html/eml stuff for your newsletters from html-files (suppo...

11.718 Descargas

chaskiq 0.0.6


11.381 Descargas

smitty 1.0.1

Send mail with handlebars like templates

10.766 Descargas

smartfocus4rails 1.0.4

Manage Smartfocus campaigns and messages from your rails application

9.535 Descargas

mailmatic 0.0.2

StaticMatic + Premailer: Generate HTML emails with inlined styles from Haml and Sass.

6.389 Descargas

widget_builder 0.1.2

A widget builder tool

6.034 Descargas

herbes 0.0.8

Simple ERB email generator

5.410 Descargas

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